Saturday, January 06, 2007



Today was recovery day-not from running but from the dentist. When I got there last night, I showed him the broken tooth and another one that was also cracked. He was able to find 4 more with cracks that were getting ready to give me problems. We discussed option which there weren't many because of the way my teeth are. So He numbed me up and I sat and had 6 teeth pulled. Unfortunately my hubby was out of town and I was on my own. Luckily my 2 teens really helped me out. After I loaded up on Vicodan and ice ,I made it through the night.

Saturday morning ,my plan was to go to the gym then Bino had a bowling tournament. My choice for the day was taking it easy,feeling better and doing a long run tomorrow.

We now have a TIVO. For the first time , I actually sat for awhile and watched it. It ended up to be a very motivational afternoon. Biggest loser finale, ironman Florida, Ironman Wisconsin, then Ironman Hawaii. Talk about pumping the drive up.
I loved it.

Waddling quietly in bed........

Friday, January 05, 2007


Okay- this is not my dentist office. It is actually very nice and state of the art where I go to. I have had a long time fear of dentist. One dentist 2 years ago told me I had some abnormality with my teeth and they would all fall out. They are doing that and I lost another one on Weds. eating a crab ragoon. My problem was that in October ,I found a new dentist who I liked but my FIL became ill and I put everything off. Since then, I have forgotten the dentist and office name. I began calling around. I got ahold of the office and I was so memorable of a patient that they did not even have to look me up in their computer. I have an appointment at 3pm today. To show you how nervous I am look at the shoes that I wore to work. Same brand(ASICS) but different shoes. Wish me luck!

Waddling to the dentist with 2 mismatched shoes.....

Thursday, January 04, 2007



The weather this am called for fair and 53. I was hoping to get a run in outside. At noon, the rain began and it poured all afternoon. As it ended up the weather did not make a difference because by 730PM ,I ran out of time and energy. Bino needed picked up from bowling at 4pm, Hooch needed picked up from cheer at 430, and hubby needed a ride to Midway to fly back to spend the weekend with his mom. It poured the entire time. After driving in traffic for over 3 hours,just to end up at home, my legs were so stiff that I could hardly walk. I stretched a little, the tiredness from the day caught up.

I might try to do something tomorrow.

Waddling to watch CSI......

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


RUN : 30 min. /TREADMILL

The MOM taxi was busy after work today. The kids finally went back to school after the holiday break. With that though begins all the afterschool activities. I was hoping to get a chance to run outside. The sun was out and it was 52. Days like today are few and far between in January. By the time I walked in the door and made dinner for everyone (not me) , it was 630 and dark. I had the option to head for the gym or the treadmill in the basement. After last nights chaos at the gym a quiet run in the basement seemed in order.

My healthfit calorie counter came in the mail. I had been using the old model. But being the geek that I am -the new updated version was a must have. After my shower, I got it out and couldn't wait to get it going. But alas, it didn't work. Talk about bursting your bubble! I'll send it back tomorrow and hopefully get a new one quick! I've been doing good watching my calories. I do need to work on drinking more water and less diet Mountain Dew. I average about 6 cans per day.

Today, I officially added another event to my calendar. I signed up for the duathlon. (2-mile Run 16.8-mile Bike 4.3-mile Run ). I did it last year and enjoyed it enormously. This year it will be 2 weeks after my marathon. It is a point to point race with unbelievably challenging hills on both the run and the bike. There are a few friends also signed up as it is part of their training for Ironman Kentucky.

Waddling to pick up Hooch...........

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


SPIN: 1:00

As always the beginning of the year bring out all the people trying to get into shape in 1 day! The spin clas has approximately 48 cycles and every one of them was taken. My favorite instructor(M) had an emergency so we had a sub. Usually I hate subs. This one was great and what a workout. It was the yoga instructor (J). She had our legs really feelin the burn and pushed us farther. Good way to start the year.

There was something new and strange at the gym. Valet parking. I don't get it! You go to the gym for a workout but can't walk in from your car. WOW. Go figure.

I also added to my 2007 schedule, the MS Tour De Farms. It is June 23&24. You ride 100 miles the first day then 75 on Sunday to raise money for MS. There are other options for distance. I've been lucky enough to be able to join a team. I am really looking forward to this experience.

Waddling with sore legs............

Monday, January 01, 2007


RUN: 28:40 min. / 2.01 miles / 13:43 ave pace

Happy 2007 to everyone from Chicagoland!

I have been reading alot of other bloggers and you can feel the excitement going into 2007. I know that I have alot to look forward to this year. Every year has had new dimensions and aspects. Last year I bought a road and mountain bike, it gave me a entirely new side to training. This year I am looking forward to the marathon, several duathlons, a couple of halfs, and at least one century ride. I have been lucky to be riding the coat-tails of a very motivating and exceptional group of people that make me believe in what I can do.

Every week in my sidebar, I hope to lay out my training (including planned and actual). Also weight loss will be key. I had my first weigh in this am. I'm not willing to put the number out there but will update and be accountable for loss or gains.

Good Luck to everyone and bring on the new year!

Waddling into 2007............

Sunday, December 31, 2006


RUN : 91:00MIN./ TREADMILL / 4R:1W / 5.75 MILES

The last workout of the year was a mirror image of how the year went. It was good but not what I had expected. I set out too run 2:00hr on the tredmill but I felt completely spent at 90 min. I knew it would be tough since being sick and all the holiday stress. I did try it and gave it all that I could.

Looking back on 2006, I did my first duathlon and completed 3 altogether. I finished in 1st place in 1. I went to San Francisco and ran a half that crossed the Golden Gate with the bonus of meeting 21st Century mom. Late summer my motivation collapsed as so did other things in my life. I ran the USAF half in September on which weekend my entire family celbrated my 50th b-day.

The last quarter of the year was devasting. My father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer on October 13th. This monster disease consumed him and he passed the Friday after Thanksgiving. Our life will be forever changed. My mother in law and hubby have gone through a very tough time but I feel in 2007 that we will find the healing to go on.

Waddling out of 2006............