Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This morning at swim, I had the pleasure and luck to meet one of my triathlon rockstars. In the locker room getting ready to swim was Adrienne Saeger. She is currently preparing for the IM World Championships in Kona. WOW- blow you away too cool. She qualified on her first Ironman in Wisconsin. Most recently , she finished first overall at the Spirit of Racine and 2nd Overall at Steelhead 70.3. She also isdoing the World Championships in the 70.3.

She has a beautiful smile and eyes that twinkle while she talks. Such an awesome personality. When the word Kona was mentioned, she lit up with excitement. I felt like a kid meeting a rockstar.

I hope to run into her again before Kona. I will also follow her on her blog.

Waddling after meeting a rising star............

Sunday, August 16, 2009


This weekend had the makings of training big. Plan A was to ride 75 miles on Saturday and run 14 miles Sunday. Tri-Sharkie's plan called for an off weekend and Snips was in Colorado. This meant that I was flying solo. Time for Plan B. Find an organized ride on Sunday and run on Saturday. Great luck- Naperville Rotary Ride on Sunday. I needed 75 miles but they had 55 or 85. I decided that I would go for the 85. Because of this I shorten my Saturday run from 14 to 10 miles. Ready---Set----Go!

I got up early and headed to Waterfall Glenn. I love the trails and the shade. It was so packed already at 7 that both parking lots were full and cars up and down the road. Everyone had my idea! How cute. The run was good.

I had everything ready last night for the ride. Mixed my Infinit. Froze 1 bottle of Infinit and 1 bottle of water. I knew the heat would be on. I was actually really excited to take on the challenge. There was also a part of me that needed to do this alone because that is how it will be in November. I did not want of use any nutrition from the aid stations and make this a test bike of how I do.

I got up and got there really early with alot of time to spare. I ran into TriHardChik in the parking lot. She was doing the 55 with a friend. I got everything together and off I went to try and ride my longest bike ever.

The first 20 miles were very uneventful. The part of the course was familiar from my long rides. the were quite a few who were doing the shorter ride and I could feel their excitement with their achievement also. I did stop at the first aid station to fill my AeroBottle with really cold water. It was beginning to get hotter and the wind began to pick up.

I passed the aid station for the 55 mile turn around. No need to stop. It was shortly after that my first wrong turn occurred. After around 3 miles of not seeing anyone around, I finally decided to check the map. Oops. Soon I was back on track and into the world of endless cornfields. The wind continued to pick up and dark clouds began rolling in.

There were not many bikers on the longer ride. If I did see someone, they were flying by. Soon came my next wrong turn. I recognized faster that I was going the wrong way this time. The winds now were gusting and the air was heavier.

I did not stop at the last aid stop with 20 miles to go. The weather was beginning to make me a little nervous. With in minutes, my weather fears were happening. The wind was gusting. The rain was coming straight down. Thunder was rumbling nearby. I was going down hill and the road had gotten slick. A crosswind gusted and the back of my bike slide out from under me. I did get unclipped with only a minor bump on the elbow. The biker in front of me slide also. As fast as the bad weather came, it was gone. I used everything that I had left to get finished before another storm came along.

I was beginning to recognize the end of the ride. I was OK. I made it. I set out to do 85 miles which is my longest ride ever. According to Garmin, I rode 92 miles and averaged just under 15mph. I was thrilled. In November, all I need to do is swim 2.4mile first, ride another 20 miles, and follow it with a marathon. Whoa!!!

Waddling slowly after 92 miles on the bike................