Saturday, February 17, 2007



During the night, I could hear that the snow plows were out. I was suprised though to see the amount of snow we had gotten. At least another 3 inches. I feel that while training for this marathon, I am constantly rethinking my long run. When training for Chicago (which is in October), I found that my main concern was how early that I could get out to beat the heat. I did constantly complain about the heat and swore my next marathon would be a spring marathon. I never expected it to be the worst winter in years.

Tomorrow on paper was to be a 4 hour run. If I were to estimate miles,it would be a 15-17 miler. I run by time not miles. My goal is to comfortably fit in at least 2-five hour runs. As far as tomorrow goes, I went scouting out a place to find the miles. With this new snow options for 4 hours are limited because of snow cover. I did get my Yak Trax but it's too deep to help. The sun did come out today and give me the urge to enjoy the outdoors. The other option is head for the gym for another marathon run. All that I know is that I will not give into the winter and I will be ready for this marathon. It is 11 weeks from tomorrow and too early to panic.

On another exciting note , my garmin 305 came yesterday. I spent last night loading and charging. It is totally amazing what it can do. Also, this is my favorite candy time of the year. My reward after my long run tomorrow is---PEEPS. They are my favorite as long as they are the yellow ones. Any shape is fine. If you ever are really bored-throw one in a microwave and watch what happens!! Do not let your kids try this. Waddling and dreaming of peeps..............................

Thursday, February 15, 2007


SPIN: 1:00 / AVE HR=147 / MAX = 172
The spin class started with the music "California Dreamin" on such a winter day. It seemed so right today. The temperatures have dropped to near zero again with some unreal windchills. I envy you guys that have the warmer weather :)We had a new instructor and she rocked. We did pyramid hill workouts. The time passed by so quickly- I was amazed when we hit the cool down.

Today at work , I finished my four weeks of training on the new equipment we have. I am relieved that it's done and anxious to start working with it without someone looking over my shoulder. I am totally mentally exhausted.
Waddling to veg-out for awhile...........

Wednesday, February 14, 2007



Our Winter storm yesterday whimpered out in our area. We had snow but nothing too exciting. My hubby though was in central Illinois and was stuck in a hotel last night but at least he was safely off the roads. Because of the weather ,I cancelled my Y-Me support group meeting and took a short spin on the treadmill while watching American Idol. It's getting to the part that I enjoy watching every week.

For Valentine's Day every year, my hubby and son cook my daughter and I dinner. Because he has been out of town and will be home late we are delaying it until Sunday. So it's pizza for supper tonight.It's always a highlight. My legs were tired today so I gave myself a day off with a promise to myself to workout for an hour tomorrow.

I was hoping to get my new Garmin in the mail today but the snowstorm affected delivery. But I did get something else new:

Yak Trax ! Vickie suggested them. After Sunday's run,I thought I would give them a shot. I need a 4 hour run this weekend and I really doubt if the weather will be much better. Who said running was cheap?? I am anxious to give them a shot.

Waddling to answer the door-pizza is here............

Monday, February 12, 2007


ELLIPTICAL : 45 min. / AVE HR=128

The news of the day here is the approaching weather. After living in New England for several winters, it takes alot to get me too excited. All day the patients spoke of nothing but the weather. On the way home there was the ususal panic at the grocery stores and the gas stations. But who would have thought it would carry over into the gym. The parking lot was almost full. I went inside all the treadmills were full but luckily I was looking for a elliptical. It seemed like people were trying to get workouts in that they might not get in tomorrow. It was an excercise frenzy. The Yoga class was even jammed.

My legs were really tight today. For awhile I was thinking of taking the day off but thought the legs might loosen up alittle with some cross-training.

Waddling with a winter weather watch........

Sunday, February 11, 2007


RUN: 3:10 / 4R:1W RATIO

I was up most of last night with GI problems from the buffalo wings that I ate. Not a good food for the night before a long run. When I got out of bed all my clothes were there and laid out. I went downstairs grabbed Diet Mountain Dew and 2 pieces of toast and a banana. I filled my fuel belt bottles. When I went upstairs to get dressed, I grabbed 3 GUs.

Finding somewhere to get the miles in this time of year is also a challenge. All the sidewalks I looked at were still snow covered. I chose to go to Springbrook Prairie. I would have to loop it a few times but I would be passing my car if I needed something.

I know it's just as important to drink fluid in the winter as in the summer training. I had my fuel belt bottles full and my GU packed. After about 45 min ,I grabbed a bottle to get a drank and the water was mostly frozen. Not only that the pop up lid was frozen shut. I shook it and was finally able to unscrew it to get a drink.

The trails were still very snow-covered. The snow was light but felt like I was running through sand on the beach. At 3:10 when I passed my SUV, I planned running out alittle and turning around to get the 3:30. But when I saw my SUV, my legs were starting to cramp that was it for me. I was really sore all over when I got into the car. Amazingly ,I was not cold and my GU did not freeze. In my schedule, I have another longer run next weekend. It will be a challenge to find the miles.

Waddling to stand in a hot shower all afternoon....