Saturday, July 25, 2009


As my training is continuing toward Beach2Battleship, my long rides and long runs are not only about the distance but what works for the distance.

My pre-ride was extremely disorganized today. My breakfast was Kashi oatmeal, .5 scoop of whey protein, and .5 cup of milk. (Also a Diet Mountain Dew). I filled all my bottes and mixed my special formula of Infinit designed for the long bike. As I arrived at TriSharkie's house, she was having the same kind of morning that I was.

I ordered a new AeroBottle with 2 chamber and had that on my bike today to try out. I needed to make sure to hydrate and get my Infinit for nutrition. We mapped a route out for 65 miles.

The pace was good and we concentrated on nutrtion and nutrition. The ride was very uneventful. I loved the new AeroCell bottle. On the return we had a strong wind slowing us.

We finished the 65 miles around 4 hours. We both felt good and learned alot.

Final thought:

  • Loved the new AeroCell
  • Put Infinit in small chamber / Water in large chamber
  • Mixed 7 scoops of Infinit with water and used blender. Tasted good. Drank all by mile 60.
  • Got very hungry after mile 50. Need bigger breakfast.
  • Went through 48 ozs. of water with non left. Pack more.

This is such a learning experience. I know there is still much ahead over the next 14 weeks.

Waddling to prepare for a 12 mile run tomorrow.............

Sunday, July 19, 2009


My goals for this race were very simple.First, not to drown. Second, to use it for training and learn more about nutrition and practice transitions. Third , finish in under 4 hours.

TriSharkie and I went down the Friday to pick our packets, look at the race course and avoid and early AM drive. Packet pickup was simple. Took a look at the swim course. It was only 65 and very windy. We checked in at the hotel and went out for a great Italian dinner at Avanti's. I had a great nights sleep.

We got up at 430am and I had oatmeal w/protein powder with my morning Diet Dew. We got to transition to set up in plenty of time. Lady next to me was very rude while I was setting up and made several annoying comments. It was then that I realized that there were no bike shoes in my bag. F**k! Next annoying comment, I was pissed and threw my stuff to the other side of the rack and I walked away. (This is very out of character for me). I found TriSharkie. I wanted to pack my stuff into the car. I regrouped and remember my goal of having a training day and first lesson learned was DO NOT FORGET BIKE SHOES. I went back and decided to just wear my run shoes on the bike. I could survive 24.6 miles. Time did not matter today.

I finished setting up. Then ran into TriHardChik during course instructions.

Good- Mixed Infit for nutrition night before.
Bad: forgot bike shoes at home.

I was not nervous at all for the swim. The race offered pink swim caps for new or insecure swimmers and I got one. They would keep an extra watch on you. I started off good directly to the first of 4 large buoys. After the turn, the sun was shining bright directly in my eyes. I did not have dark goggles on and it was hard to see anything. As I was swimming to the 2nd buoy, I stopped tried to spot it. A kayak came up and pointed it out. Whew. This kayak was soon to become my guardian angel. My sighting was bad and I seemed to constantly veer off course to my right. When this happened, I heard "To your left,to your left" from my guardian. He stuck with me and encouraged me the entire time. As got to the swim finish, I felt that there was no way to thank him enough.

GOOD- calm entire time, very comfortable pace, took gel immediately before swim
BAD- horrible sighting, Need dark goggles, need to try bilateral breathing so I won't go off to the right, need more body glide on neck - small sore spot.

GOOD- Out of the wetsuit OK
BAD- Unorganized

The first mile sucked because I was obsessed with not having my bike shoes. After that, I actually settled in. There was windy parts of the course and a few small hills that were challenging. I did pass several people and no one passed me. Near the end of the bike, I did have a slight cramp in my right calf but it went away quickly. The final miles of the course, I was concerned over how my legs would feel on the run.

GOOD- Average speed was 15.7 mph, consumed almost entire bottle of Infinit, felt great
BAD- unsteady getting bottle off back of bike, Burped Alot. Need to check into a dual chamber Aerobottle.

GOOD- fairly quick
BAD- unorganized

I felt good immediately beginning the run. I had thoughts of doing some kind of a run:walk ratio but didn't. I loved the course but was very glad that it was not a hot day. I used my fuelbelt with 2 small bottles of Infinit that I froze the night before. During miles 3 and 4 , I was running with a guy who wanted to hold a conversation. I wasn't really into it so I ditched him at a water stop. I did not feel like walking and felt strong running.

GOOD- Infit worked OK, felt strong, consistant pace around 12:00/mile

BAD- Not much

Points deducted- bad sighting, no bike shoes
Points added- 2nd fastest 10K, not drowning

Waddling back to training........

*** To:Iron Snoopy --Hope you are feeling better!