Saturday, April 12, 2008

PROM 2008

It's 2am and I am sitting here in the dark with tears of happiness running down my face. Hooch just went to her first prom and came home after a wonderful evening full of memories of a lifetime. It's all you could wish for.

She decided not to go with a date and go with her group of friends. There were 38.

Even though the day was rainy, gray, and cold- it did not dampen any spirits. The afternoon was filled with getting ready- a hair appointment and makeup to do. I know that I'm her mom but she looked stunning.

When she walked out that door, all the horror stories of what happens on prom night come to mind. You say your prayers and put your trust in someone bigger than all of us. She did not have a curfew. It was time to let go alittle and believe in the groundwork that was laid over the past 17 years.

At 1:47am, she walked in the door. She was overflowing with stories from the evening. She truly had memories for a lifetime.

As for me, she just went to bed and I was unable to go back to sleep. She was home safe. The evening was a success. The tears rolled down my cheek as the happiness overcame me. I was definitely a lucky parent on prom night.

Waddling full of emotion............

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Tomorrow is wetsuit day at Master's swim. There is a part of me very anxious to put it on and see how it feels in the water. The other part is so nervous for the first time to wear it in front of other people. It will be interesting for sure. I will need to be up at 3am to have plenty of time to get it on.

Tonight I ran 3 miles and my legs are really tired. I am running my first race this weekend. It is my once a year obligatory 5k. I actually hate the 5K. But I run one to get a feel for where I am at in my training. Then I let it go.

Waddling and worn out.............

Monday, April 07, 2008


I will be here on October 12. Today I signed up for the 2008 Chicago Marathon. The email came out today warning that it soon would be full. I had to make a decision about signing up. Not only did I sign up for the marathon, I also signed up for a running club that has a training program. It will fit well into my HIM training. Thanks to Masters swim , I finally have gained the confidence to try training with a group rather than alone.

Tonight I took Dakota for a run. The evening was perfect. I wore my HR monitor and stayed in zone 2 for 3 miles. I found myself having to back off several times. My legs were tired from the weekend.

Waddling to pencil my training in.........

Sunday, April 06, 2008


ildlife run at the prairie was a great start to Saturday. I met my friend Ronda at the prairie. It was beautiful with the sun. There was a huge assortment of people from runners to bikers to nature photographers. We even saw deer. After a 5.5 mile run, we headed home, showered, the met to head for our next event.

etsuit shopping was next on the list.I wore my swimsuit under my clothes. We headed to the first stop which was a bike store. The only brand that they carried was 2XU. I got instruction from the saleslady on how to put it on. Just think pantyhose. It fit and felt good. The neck was loose. Ronda is doing Steelhead also and needs to get one also but is just enjoying watching. I decided not to buy the first one that I tried on.
The next shop was a swim store. The staff was lame. Their only brand was Quintana Roo. It just didn't fit right. I decided to do some more internet research. I hoped that I did not make a mistake not buying that first suit.
ater is where I began my Sunday. Masters swim was a good workout. I felt alot better today in the pool than I did on Thursday. The end of the workout was quick 25s. I survived 4 of them while most of the others did the full 6. But I don't think that I fell as far behind as I usually do.

aterfall Glen is where Iron Snoopy and I went to bike after swim. It's not that far from the gym. We had brought our mountain bikes with us so we could head right there. The parking lot was almost full when we got there. When we were on the trails it wasn't bad at all. The reason that I like going here is that it is one of the few places that has hills.
etsuit shopping again was next. Iron Snoopy and I headed for Mission Bay Multisport. They had an unbelievable selection. The owner waited on us and quickly picked out a Blue-Seventy Suit to try on. It fit great. Not one complaint. I got such a good deal that I was able to buy a Tri-suit also. I was psyched.
I can't imagine a better weekend.
Waddling and worn out...........