Saturday, June 16, 2007


Today , I chose Waterfall Glen to do a brick. In our area currently we have been invaded by cicadas that show up every 17 years. I am not an expert at all. I do know they make a deafening noise, fly around, and shed their shells. My friend has so many of them around her house that she shovels them off her sidewalk with a shove. I ran one 9.6 mile loop then got on my Mtn. bike and did another loop. The trail was covered with shells. I can't believe how may that I flattened.

One of the goals for my workout was to work on hydration and nutrtion. I used HydroBoom, It worked ok but I did not like the rasberry-lemon. I also had one GU on the run. Also before the bike, I had orange slices and half of a banana. The banana sat heavy in my stomach. considering the temp. was near 90 when I finished, I think it went well.

The trails were also packed with people today. Chicago marathon training programs have begun, the boy scouts were hiking, and a group of skiers training on wheels were some of those that I passed by.
RUN : 2:15 / 9.6 miles / 4r:1w
Transition= 17 min.
BIKE : 0:58 / 9.6 miles / Mtn. Bike
Total : 3:30

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I ended up running at the gym tonight on the treadmill. When I had time to run after work, it was 92 outside. I wanted to run some pick-ups so off to the treadmill. I was about 19 min. into my workout when this really BIG guy got on the treadmill next to me. He said something-so I turned to see if he was talking to me. No! He was on his bluetooth. He began arguing loudly with what I assumed was his wife. I shot him a look of WTF- he ignored me and everyone else. I was not going to move and it fired up my workout. He was still yacking when I left. HOW RUDE!
RUN: 45 min / treadmill
10 min warm-up/ 5 x 5min. pickups / 10 min. cool-down

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Today was a day my hubby and I were waiting for to find out what the next step is to help his neck. He was scheduled for a myelogram ( injection of dye into the spine) and a CT scan of his neck. I took the day off of work. We headed for the hospital hoping that soon we would have some answers to get relief for the pain and weakness in his right arm. When we arrived and check in we found out his test had been rescheduled for next Tuesday. No one called us! More upsetting was the reason. Our insurance company and the hospitals contract had lapsed. They had just signed a new one that would be effective in 2 days. So the hospital rescheduled the exam. The MD was in the hospital and called the insurance company to see if we could get an approval to do it since we were there and my hubby was in so much pain . THEY REFUSED TO PAY FOR IT!!! We have to wait. Isn't it sad? Now another 6 days of waiting in pain for my hubby and he is on disability from work.

It was hectic because Bino had Football camp from 11-2, bowling camp 2-430 then Driver's Ed 630-830. Luckily, Hooch has her liscence and did part of the driving.

I did get out on my Mtn. Bike for about an hour and it felt good.

Bike : 60 min. / 13 miles / Mtn Bike.

Monday, June 11, 2007


I think the # 2 as a race number was an omen. I finished second in my age group of 2. After the duathlon though I was so happy with how things went I actually felt like #1. My main goal of the race was not to give into my urge to walk alot during the second run. That I achieved and I felt good. I do not have any breakdown of times but I think that I finished in 2:10 which is faster than last year. My garmin totally blanked out because the runs were on a trail surrounded by trees.

My race day-
The race began at 630am. I wanted to be up at 4am to get out the door. It is a 45 minute drive and the transition closed at 6. I woke up at 4:30. I ate some toast quickly then loaded Silver and head out. With no traffic on the road, I made it in 30 min. I found a great place to park and headed for the transition to set up. On the way there, I meet #3. He also signed up early. We joked alot about our numbers as we set up.

On the first run, we started at the first wave of the tri which I liked because on the bike I would blend in and not be so far behind. Everyone shot off and I waddled along. My pace was around 11:00. I finished last but knew I could make up time on the bike.

The transition was smooth. I took a GU and drank some water. I took off and felt good. The bike course was mainly flat with a few hills. Silver and I were able to pass quite a few others. I will be anxious to see my time. I could see the other lady in my age group but was not able to catch up and knew she'd lose me in the run.

The second transition was slow but I took another GU and headed out. For the first half mile my legs felt like cement. The course is beautiful along the Fox River. I am not sure of my pace but I walked through the water stops and ran the rest. At mile 3 I was passed by a gentleman who was 82. I told him great job and he left me in his dust. What an inspiration. The last half mile was filled with pictures cups of beer. There was cold Sam Adams waiting for us at the finish. Great motivation.

I was happy with the whole thing. It is one of those races that I would love to do every year. I'll post my time as soon as they are available.

Waddling with satisfaction....