Saturday, February 16, 2008


Ok Winter - We give up-You win!

Another winter weather advisory has been posted.

It was 8 degrees when I got up to a sunny day today. I headed for the gym. Grabbed a treadmill right next to a big window. Then ran 6 miles. The sun felt good and I wish dreaming that I was actually outside.

Waddling with the sun shining...................

Friday, February 15, 2008


At swim on Thursday, Coach welcomed us with a workout board that said Happy Valentine's Day. It had a big heart on it. Then he explained to us a cardio workout for today. Being a beginner, I am just glad to go back and forth in the pool. We did 3 Cardio sets with a 200m easy swim in between. WOW.

After the workout, I talked to Coach. I wanted to know if he felt I would be ready for Steelhead in August. Laughingly he told me 2 things-#1 I would not win the swim portion and #2 I would not drown. I think that's good. After that he explained where we were going with training and how I would be fine.

Waddling in my swimsuit..............

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

After a down in the dumps week-end, things on Monday were equally as rough. The new Oncologist that I was expecting to work with never showed up. There was a "misunderstanding". Thus there I was with patients and no MD. At 10am , my other oncologist who is a new dad wondered in the door. The rest of the day at work was less frustrating.

After battling a snowstorm to get home, I was pleasantly greeted by supper already made by Hooch. What a sweetheart. I changed my clothes and headed to the trainer for a 30 min workout. The longer I stayed on the trainer, the better that I felt. My focus began to return and my mind was recentering. I hit the replay button on the CD when it finished and began the workout again. I was amazed at the change I felt come over me.

Today, the good aura continued. Masters swim was a form and distance work out. Very calming. After the warmup, I switched betwen 1 x 300 to 3 x 100 then back. I got alot of good comments from Coach that helped me improve my form even more.

Tonight was Bino's bowling awards dinner for school. The guys are crazy. Bino got the award for Most Improved. I was so proud.

Waddling through the snow again.............

Sunday, February 10, 2008


It sometime amazes me how closely everything in our life is intertwined. My job this past week has been challenging to say the least. My manager has been off due to the passing of her father in Florida. One physician left Friday and I will be meeting a new one on Monday. On top of this Joint Commisssion is due in for an inspection.

My personal life has run amuck also. This I can't explain.

The result was the inability to do my run yesterday. Today I dressed for swim and drove to the gym but was unable to get out of my car. I just sat there and watched the others walk in and the sun come up.
My father told me that when things reach the very bottom that there is only one way to go and that is up. With the help of God, I do believe this.