Saturday, September 02, 2006



My cold is still hanging on. I still have a low grade fever. It sounds like I could cough up a fur ball at any minute. I'm sure last night sitting out at the football game didn't help but there was nothing going to change that.

I have the USAF half to run in 2 weeks and my training has sucked. I have alot of reasons ot want to run this but a PR is not one of them. The race is held at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton,Ohio. I worked at the Cancer Center there for 1989-1991. I was married and had my daughter during that time so there are alot of good memories. My father(I'm an only child) who is 84 lives near there so it's an opportunity to visit and he loves to come along to see the Air Force Museum. He has also planned dinner for me on Saturday night for my 50th birthday. Last year I ran this and was overwhelmed by the patriotism and sense of pride in the U.S.. Military come in from all over the world to run and compete against each other. I know I can make it the ditance, my time will be slow but this one is not about the time but all the reasons to appreciate each mile.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Tonight was a big night. My kids go to a new High school. An tonight was the inaugural football game for the school. My daughter(Hooch) made varsity cheer her sophomore year. What a great evening. The stands were packed. The weather was perfect for football. My son (freshman) met up with a very pretty friend to enjoy the game with.

It brought tears to my eyes when the star spangled banner was played. I turned to my husband and saw that he was fogging up also. How many years I picture a night like tonight in my mind and it filled me with more emotions than I could have imagined. The team lost but the night was a win!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006



Today ,I came down with the worst cold ever! I knew that I was run down. Last week in Vegas ,our training room temp was 65 and we went outside to 112. I felt today not being able to breath was a good excuse not to run. I hope this is the worst day, as I have taken off Friday for a long weekend.

The kids are doing great in school and it's such a relief. You think as they get older that it should get easier but it just changes. #1(sophmore) is into cheerleading,football, and social life sometimes studies. #2 (freshman) loves school and teachers, outside jr drag racing. It's hard to imagine that in a few quick years they'll be heading out to college.

Last weekend , I went with my husband to Brother E's tatoo and piercing studio. He wanted a new tatoo. While there I had my upper ear pierced. Why? I felt like doing something but not a tatoo. My friend asked me if I had a crisis. I thought===maybe it's the fact that I will turn 50 in September. I'm not sure . But I will tell you it hurt like hell when they did it!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006



I needed to get back on track so I decided (early in the day) that I would do the 6pm spin class which my friend Mary teaches. At 4 pm the excuses began:

  1. I'm catching a cold
  2. I need to clean up around the house
  3. Laundry is piling up
  4. I've still got jet lag
  5. I need to pick my daughter up at 5
  6. Not enough time -too much pressure to get there
  7. What about dinner?
  8. Etc. Etc.

None of the reasons stuck and my kids helped around the house so I could leave. My husband was working late. So-Iwent.

Mary is training for a 3 day endurance race in Utah in October. So the whole class got to ride mountains tonight. After being away from spin for awhile,She about killed me. "Remember pain is weakness leaving the body" I made it-2 people left the class. It was a great work out and I was glad that I went. Mary also is a great motivater and that's just what I needed. We began planning for the spring and both intend to do the Galena triathlon again but want to get more people involved.

I must try not to make as many excuses and if I do not to give in!

Monday, August 28, 2006


RUN : TREADMILL 30 MIN 4.3-5.0

"Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.." Wasn't that a song? I certainly felt that today. No energy. Still with jet lag and time change issues. On paper I'm ready to go but when it comes to just getting out the door, it's been tough lately. I know that will change now that the kids are back in school and work is settling down. I guess it's just my dependance on a routine. I always think I'm flexible but I think it's not by choice but because of the nature of working and being a mom.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


I am so glad to be home! I've missed my hubby and kids. It was fun and I had a great time but I have a need to settle back into my routine.

The kids started high school last week. They both love it and their teachers. But ofcourse they found a million things that they needed before Monday. After getting all the school shopping done, groceries and catching up on laundry- I had nothing left to give to a workout. As was our motto in Vegas "It'll be okay"

On the flight home, I spent my trip trying to fine tune a training plan for the Flying Pig. I have completed Chicago twice but I want to break 6 hours this time and not injury my ITB again. My schedule until Oct 1 has a duathlon, half-marathon and a 5k. I have decided not to do the duathalon next weekend because the 10 mile ride involves singletracking. The other 2 races I'll do.

So here is Phase 1 of my plan:

  • Oct 1- Dec 31
  • Go to STRONG class at the gym Mondays and ? Weds.
  • Spin class every Tues. with Mary 1 hour/ also 1 other day a week.
  • Make every attempt to lose 20 pounds
  • Run 6 miles every weekend and a 3 miler during the week.

Phase 2

  • Jan 1 until April 15
  • Maintain weight loss
  • Begin adding to weekend runs until 2-20 milers
  • One day of spin per week
  • one 4-6 mile run at 1 min below marathon pace per week.
  • Still a work in progress

Phase 3

  • Taper until the big day.

Sounds good now--but as with all plans ----flexibility