Saturday, January 30, 2010


The end of January always brings the huge desire for spring. Every weekend the decision becomes outside or inside. It becomes exhausting to pile all the clothes on. I do love to run outside and this year have ran over 7 miles with the temp at

Training has been going good. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are swimming. Monday has been spinning. Running is Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Once the Princess half is completed in March biking will start increasing to get ready for the Easter Ride in April. I am getting anxious for things to begin!

Waddling through the winter.....

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today, started off great with a 2 hour run at the gym on the dreadmill. You probably wonder how that can be great but when you have 5 friends lined up chatting, the time flies. While running, I could tell that I was due for some new shoes. I put that on my list of stops for today along with looking for a sleeveless tank or 2.

I found my shoes (Saucony Hurricane) on sale $50 off. Now I noticed the tops on sale also. I tried several on and OMG. Bad News.My thoughts of rewarding myself at Mcdonalds with a Sweet Tea went right out the window.

I proceed to the grocery and took 2.5 hours to shop. Because of the thought of me in that tank, there was much more healthy food in the cart than usual.

Waddling to get a piece of cheese....