Monday, August 03, 2009

On June 1, I was diagnosed with having metabolic syndrome. It consists of high blood pressure, high cholestrol, weight gain around the mid-section, and pre-diabetic blood sugar. Two months after reading everything that I could find and getting a nutrition coach, I can say I feel much better and have lost 14 lbs. so far. the best part is that I feel good and my training is going good. I am half way to my weight loss goal and looking forward to racing at my goal weight in November.

Waddling with a smile.............

Sunday, August 02, 2009



If you have seen Seinfield, do remember the Soup Nazi and the Chinese restaurant waiting episodes? DD and I went to our regular pre-race pizza place and experienced this.

When we walked in, the place was packed. As we walked in, we were met by a very stern looking man. He wanted to know how many to eat. DD said 2 and we were told the wait was 45 minutes. DD started to give him our name. He told us that he did not need it that he remembered everyone and to have a seat. As we waited, he kept his eye on us. Others were seated before us. Finally we were seated. The dinner was worth the wait. After dinner, we set the cash on the bill to pay and DD made a pit stop before we left. The Man came up to the table then looked at the money and then me and I retreated quickly out of the restaurant. DD found me outside and said there were already others at the table. There is no way to describe this better but it was hilarious.

Snips met DD and I at the Hilton where we spent the night. The morning came fast. With the start being at 630am, we were up at 515. My goal for the day was simple: run 13.1 miles. That was what was on my training schedule. The weather was perfect. It was in the 60's with a breeze off the lake. It took us 25 minutes to cross the start. The crowd was pumped up and the music was great.

The race used a wave start. Each corral was sent off at intervals and it sored all the runners out so it was not so cramped to run. Snips, DD and I were doing a 5 minute run:1 minute walk. Chicago is a beautiful city to run into. the miles clicked by quickly. Because of the buildings, I had no idea what my pace was on the Garmin that was fine with me. As we approached mile 6, we were in front of our hotel. Very tempting for sure. The race then headed past Soldier Field and under McCormick Place. Still feeling good, we cruised along. Several other who also belonged to Glenn Ellyn Runners passed with a quick hello.

At mile 10, I felt like that I was fading. I could feel the 40 miles that I had rode on my bike yesterday. It was was then that I met, Lindy(RunMommyRun). She looked smooth and ran with us for a minute before heading off.

The last couple of miles seemed hotter as the sun came off the lake. There were some really good bands rocking to pick up up at this point. At the 12 mile marker, I felt good and we skipped the last walk break to take it in. As we approached the finish, I could hear John Bingham(the Penguin) announcing. As I came to the finish, he saw my name on the shirt and gave me(Waddler) a shout out! I felt great and knew that I had given it all that I had today. My time was 2:46:37 which was my second fastest half.

Waddling after an awesome weekend.............