Friday, July 10, 2009

As I sit here watching the Tour de France, I contemplate tomorrow. I have signed up for a one mile open water swim race. Since my bad experience during th Subaru triathlon, my confidence in open water has been shot. I am looking for this to be an opportunity to change that and gain back a comfort level in the water. This is currently a big hurdle in my training.

I am looking forward to a fun morning with friends. Many from my master's swim including Iron Snoopy and TriSharkie are meeting and carpooling there. We are packing for some post race tailgating. There is never a dull moment with this crew and I am sure tomorrow will be no different.

Waddling to rest for a big swim.................

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

After getting off on Wednesday to begin my long weekend, things have been going non-stop. (In a good way).

I drove to Ohio with Bino on Wednesday night after work. We picked up my dad on Thursday A.M. and headed back to Chicagoland. This trip is tradition because on the way back it is our yearly firework shopping in Indiana. It is so much fun. Bino and I pick things out and dad pushes the cart. Although we never feel like we have enough, there is always some for several celebrations.


Friday began with an awesome early morning swim with the Master's class. It was cloudy and cool out but as always the water was warm. It was a good workout with a hard push at the end by Coach. After showering, breakfast with dad followed.

Our evening plan was for a family cookout so most of my day was spent grocery shopping and cooking. It was oh so worth it. I did not go overboard with my eating but I did enjoy it.

Tradition again was the theme for the day. Joliet Bicycle Club has a ride every 4th of July. TriSharkie, Snips, Sniggles, and I got there early. As we signed up under dark,gloomy skies, we knew what was ahead of us. It proved to be a rainy,chilly, and windy ride for sure. TriSharkie and I rode the 45 mile course and the rest rode the 30 mile loop. With the thought that you never know what race day will hold, we got it done.

The evening was our cul de sac cookout party and fireworks. There is alot of diversity in our neighbors which allows us a variety of great food. I knew that then next morning was a long run so I took it easy on the celebrating.

Dense fog greeted me outside when I went to meet Snips for our run. By the time we got to mile 1 of our 9 mile run the sun shone through and it was beautiful on the Prairie Path. I was shocked that the 9 miles went so well and flew by.

The day was spent doing house stuff for me and the boys(Dad,House,&Bino) put up a flag pole in front of our house. Dad had the honor of raising the flags (US and Army) for the first time. Definitely it was a memorable moment.

Dad is here until Tues and we plan to keep enjoying every minute.

Waddling patriotically.......