Saturday, July 19, 2008


At Spirit of Racine:

At Vineman:
21st Century Mom

At La Scorchita:
Geek Girl

At El Scorcho 50K:
Sweet Baboo

At Marble Falls Triathlon:

Waddling and wishing you a great time..............

Friday, July 18, 2008


This is my last big training weekend before Steelhead.

Brick= 30 min bike transition to 12 mile run
Bike was good except for flat tire. G2 and gel during trainsition.
Run was a challenge. Used water and Nunn to drink. Shot blox every 4 miles. I was good until mile 8 when I ran out of water. God helped me out and turned on a sprinkler system. I was able to get wet and fill up my bottles. I made it to my 11 and was running out of gas. I looked up and saw the temperature on the bank to be 95. I walked the last mile home. I wore Tyr Tri suit. No problems.

Brick = 40 mile bike & 30 min run / Profile design Tri outfit.

Sunday :
1 mile swim in Lake Michigan then run later. Water temp is 56.

Waddling into race prep mode............

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Tonight, I was lucky enough to able to get together with Iron Snoopy and Ronda for a workout. We had emailed each other today and arranged a time and meeting place. This is special for us to match schedules.

We usually ride the same route. I actually enjoy it except for 1 certain hill. I was getting ready and decided to map out a new ride. It looked good on paper and would get us the miles we wanted. Sounded like a great plan.

When we got there , Snoopy and Ronda looked over the map and we make a few changes then off we went. The first road had alot of traffic. Damn. Not off to a good start. Finally after 3 miles we turned off to a quiet road with horse farms. This was better. Next was a right turn onto Wooley Road. I started off good. I felt like it was windy. Then came the bad part. We hit the bumpiest road that I have ever been on. It almost became a rhythm as we bumped along. We reached the end of the road and realized we had no idea where we were at.

I pulled the map out of my back pocket. I never looked at it before we left too hard. Some roads were not labeled or missing. Also the writing was very small. I tried to read it but did not have my glasses on and could not make anything out. Snoopy and Ronda tried to figure it out. I promised at that point that I never would map us a new route. We were all laughing and looked like the 3 Stooges working together.

We got the ride done and switched to running shoes. We ran a 1.25 loop twice. It was still around 90 at 7pm and very humid. I truly appreciated having people to train with tonight. Because of them I did get my workout in and had a great time.

Waddling and promising that I would never plan a new route again...........

Monday, July 14, 2008

One of my favorite bike rides has a turn around point in a cemetery. I also stop there for a drink and read a few tombstones. It may sound stupid but I feel so alive there and appreciative of life. It drives me further to enjoy every moment and make everything that I do count.

Tonight, it was a perfect evening as I rode to the cemetery. While there, I thought alot about my mom who passed away in 1991. Her sense of humor was amazing. She never did understand why I always wanted more out of life and never was satisfied. I guess I see now that it wasn't that I was unhappy with things. It was a lack of confidence in myself and what I believed was good enough.

In my journey over the last 5 years, I have returned to running, done 3 marathons, duathlons, and now triathlons. I keep reaching farther in a way never satisfied expecting more. When will it end? I hope never because with every challenge and new experience- I grow and become a better person.

Waddling through a wonderful life................