Friday, March 07, 2008


After working on a training schedule for the next few weeks, I took another look at my race plans. I've decided not to do the Indy Mini-Marathon. It was 2 weeks before my first Tri in Galena. I have been struggling with trying to figure out how to mesh the 2 training plans. I want to solely focus on Galena right now.

Another change is the adding of a 5K race and a big bike ride in April. I hope to gauge where my running is at in the 5k. The bike ride is the Easter Ride for Folkes on Spokes with some friends.

On the training note, this AM I overslept 530am spin. I got up at 515am and did not want to walk in late. My first thought was just to go back to bed. But I got my bike clothes on and headed for my bike trainer in the basement. It actually worked out good.

Waddling to read some blogs.................

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Today, I felt more like myself than I had in weeks. My Blood Pressure was finally coming down. My rt jaw felt amazingly better since the teeth were pulled and the antibiotic took hold.

Depsite hubby's disapproval, I got up and went to swim. It actually seemed like a very calming way to start my day. The work out was a descnding distance. After a warmup and some drills. I did 1 x 350, 1 x 300 , 1 x 250 , 1 x 200, 1 x 150. I took it easy and made it through.

At lunch I went down to the workout room and did some weights. Coach says my upper body strength sucks. I agree.

Waddling into TGIF............................

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


The eraser came out on day 2 of my new training plan.

The day began with masters' swim. It went great. After the warmup, the main set was 3 x 200m, 5 x 100, 6 x 50 , then 8 x 25. I felt good.

Work was going well. My jaw and ear which has been aching for weeks now began throbbing. After seeing my MD and 1 week on Levaquin, my next choice was to call the dentist. He was leaving on vacation but there was a 2pm opening. I would have rather waited until Wednesday because it was my anniversary today.

I got to the dentist who immediately took xrays and found there was an abscess on my rt jaw starting to go into the bone. There were no options 2 teeth needed pulled. There went my bike trainer and a wonderful evening with Mr. Waddler. After they were pulled, there was immediate relief. After the numbing wore off, I began the vicodan. Our anniversary celebration was put on hold until the weekend.

Tomorrow's schedule had a run but with the dental work is not an option. I might ride my trainer in the evening.

Happy 19th Anniversary Mr Waddler!!!!

Waddling get an ice pack for my jaw...................

Monday, March 03, 2008

It's that time again. Time to pencil in the next month of training. I've noticed that I keep focusing on Steelhead. I have decided to back up my focus some to May when I will actually do my first triathlon which is Galena. After that is under my belt I will look farther into the future.

For the next 4-6 weeks this is my goal weekly schedule:
Monday : spin (am) / Strength (pm)
Tuesday: Swim (am) / bike trainer (pm)
Wednesday : Run (am) / Strength (pm)
Thursday : Swim (am)
Friday : spin (am) / Strength (pm)
Saturday : Longer run
Sunday : Brick : Swim followed by short run

Disclaimer: As always this schedule is in pencil and subject to change.

Waddling into March...................

Sunday, March 02, 2008

It was a great weekend. As expected, I am exhausted. I wanted to jot some thought down before my eyes slammed shut.

The kids and I got to Ohio on Friday in time to surprise dad at the fish fry he was working at. His eyes seemed to light up when we walked in the door. The food was great and I got to see alot of old friends while dad showed off the grand kids.

Saturday was just laying around taking it easy. The day ended by going to our favorite restaurant. Dad's friend Dot joined us.

Sunday morning began with mass followed by breakfast at Bob Evans catching up with cousins.

After a 5 hour drive home through beautiful springlike weather, I could not resist going out for a 3 mile run. It was my first time outside this year and my body was well rested. I was amazed how good it felt. Wow the weight loss and training has made a difference.

Waddling with droopy eyes........