Saturday, June 17, 2006


CYCLE: 90 MIN. / AVE 15.6 MPH

After such an emotionally draining week-I took the road bike out this morning. The bike group is doing a ride tomorrow but its Father's Day and I want to be at home with the family.

In the past week , a friend of my 15 y.o. daughter was killed in a car crash, my running buddy was attacked in her own home, and another friend's mother-in-law was at the end of battle with cancer. I took a step back this morning and thanked God for my life.

When I headed out , I had no plan in mind. I ended up riding to the crash site. I said a prayer for the family and felt my heart skip a beat as I looked at the cross at the side of the road..It was time to stop and smell the roses.

Thursday, June 15, 2006



I had my Y-Me meeting tonight. So anything was out of the question. But as always -it was a good meeting.


Today I planned to go spinning at 645. Work was the day from hell. I was running late when my daughter called and told me a friend of hers had been killed in a car accident. I immediately rushed home. In 2 weeks she'll be 16 and I can't imagine how she feels. SHe went to be with her friends. So I just stayed close by and ran. I helped me to get out for some fresh air.


TOnight was the candlelight vigil at Cody's house. It just ripped my heart out. How quickly life can change.

Monday, June 12, 2006



It was perfect weather to go out and do something. I didn't want to run because all day my knee had hurt off and on. So I grabbed the mountain bike and took a quick spin. I need to remember to put my HR monitor on. It would help me get a better grasp on my intensity.

Tomorrow will be an off day- I have a Y-ME meeting. And if it goes as planned I'll spin Thurs.


TIME: 2:12:27

RUN1(2.O MILES) 23:01 /PACE 11:31/ PLACE 80 OF 82

T1: 1:56

BIKE: (14.7 MILES) 54:13 / MPH 16.6 / PLACE 51 OF 82 (PASSED 31 )

T2: 2:29

RUN2(4.4 MILES) 50:49/ PACE 11:18 / PLACE 72 OF 82 (PASSED BY 21)

I felt great--definitely on the calendar for next year!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


DUATHLON: 2 RUN/ 14.7 BIKE(road) / 4.4 RUN TIME 2:12

It was a cool morning. Check in was at 5:15am. It is about a 35 min drive. I didn't leave the house until 455am. Overslept alittle. I had a bagel, banana, and a diet dew for the ride. This is my first duathlon by myself. So no pressure. The temp outside is51(perfect for me) but not for the tri.

The race started and the first 2 miles on on a paved path that's shaded and by the river. I was in last for the first mile and then I passed 2 people. At the trasition for the first time there were still bikes there because alot of the tri still had to start.

Off on the bike- It was a beautiful ride. Alittle windy at times. A few small rolling hills, farmland but a great bike course. I felt good when I finished.

Off on the 4.4 mile run. As usual my legs felt crappy off the bike. But I watched my pace on my watch and felt comfortable betweent 11-12. After the first mile, my rt knee started having ITB pain. Shit. Only 3 to go and my time is better than I thought. I finished with pain off and on. I was glad to see the finish line. I can say I never did get out of my comfort zone.

Surprise---------------I got first in my age group 45-49(I was the only one in it and the oldest femal in the du.) More details later