Tuesday, June 09, 2009


This weekend is my first outdoor Tri of the season. It falls right at the end of my first 10 weeks of training. I looked at my times from last year and I think they will be hard for me to beat. Reasons are that I am heavier especially around the waist and I haven't ran anything fast. I have no goals except to have a good training day. (Sounds like a cop out if I do bad doesn't it?) I just know where I am at.

Last night Tri-Sharkie, Snips, and I went down to Centennial Beach where the swim is for the Tri. The race sent out an email suggesting to wear a wetsuit due to the water temp. Amazingly, I fit into it. The water felt icy. We swam back and forth in the open water deep end. Damn, it was so much harder than I remembered.

I suddenly have this great desire not to race and just have a regular training weekend.

Waddling to get ready for the weekend..............