Saturday, June 06, 2009

I just got back from my longest ride(38miles) so far this year. It was one of the best also. Iron Snoopy and Flipper were my biking buddies. We headed out at 6am. Great temperature and no wind. My legs felt like lead for the first 5 miles. I am beginning to believe that Flipper is wearing a shirt that says "Hit me" on it. The past several rides she has had some close calls with cars. Today it was a huge piece of farm equipment that almost flattened all of us. The highlight of the ride was Iron Snoopy singing her favorite country song. As we finished, Flipper rolled into the parking lot first. I turned in and looked up and Flipper was down. Doesn't count since I did not see the fall.

I did my 3000 swim on Thursday. It took me 1:33. In January, my time was 1:44. WooHoo!

Waddling to lunch with Bino............

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

"I know what is going on..." said the doctor after me describing to her things that bother me. What is going on is something called Metabolic Syndrome. It is a combination of several things: high blood pressure, borderline diabetes, high cholesterol, and weight gain in the mid section. I have all these. The 2 things that I need to do is go on a diabetic diet and exercise more. (How do you exercise more than train for an Ironman??) I sent away for several books that the doctor suggested and had more bloodwork done. I am relieved that I have an answer to several questions.

After a great weekend, it is time to get training back on track. Masters swim is on break this week and I have homework from Coach. It is a 3,000m timed swim. Tomorrow is the day for that.

Waddling to rest for a big swim..............