Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today was another notch in my belt on my Iron journey. It was my first century ride ever! I rode alone as my partner, TriSharkie, was under the weather. After oversleeping, I got out on the route at 7am. It was nicely spread out. Again this week, I did everything that I hope to do in November's race. Infinit was my choice for nutrition. I did stop at 3 of the 5 SAG stops but only grabbed water, half a sandwich, and a pretzel.

I would like to have a great exciting story of my first 100 miles but there is none. There were miles of cornfields, beautiful weather, and a couple of challenging hills. I got it done and averaged almost 15 mph. I was thrilled that I completed the miles but I continue to be concerned about making the time cutoff in November.

Waddling after 100 miles on the bike..............