Tuesday, September 30, 2008

There is no better weather for me than fall weather. Tonight was the night. Temperature was 57, calm and clear. There was a freshness in te air. I took Dakota and we cruised along for 3 easy miles. It has been awhile since a run felt so good. I would love to bottle this and save it for marathon Sunday.
Waddling on a cool, fall evening.............

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It was an awesome birthday. The day began with breakfast with my MIL. After getting home, hubby told Bino to take me to the new RoadRunner Sports store. Shopping consisted of looking at running shoes and watches.

RRS has what is called ShoeDog to fit you. It was interesting. They felt that part of my ankle problem was the fact that I was running in Stability shoes and did not need them. I was put into a neutral Saucony. Time will tell.

Then I began looking at watches. I had a Garmin 305 and did not like it because of its size and buttons. Also the numbers were too small. I currently was wearing a Polar RS200. I liked it alot but had worn the buttons out. After looking at all the options, I got a Garmin 405. I thought it had the most to offer for me.

The day finished with pizza and cake with my firends and family. Hubby was able to come downstairs and shared in the celebration.


I was up early and anxious to go run my 12 miler today. It was going to be fun with new shoes and a new watch. I felt good and ready to get out there. The weather was perfect.

The run went awesome. The watch worked great. Shoes felt good but my rt ankle was sore after the run for the entire day.

Snips and I talked the entire run excitedly about marathon weekend ,which is 2 weeks away. We will go to the expo on Saturday and stay downtown Chicago Saturday night. Our running club has rented a ballroom at a hotel near the start and finish for our club to use. I finally beginning to get anxious for the marathon.

Waddling with new birthday stuff................