Saturday, December 10, 2011


Today is one of my favorite days of the year. Go ahead and call me a little crazy. But the airing of the Ironman World Championships is something that I have loved as long as they have been on TV. The first one was highlights on ABCs Wide World of Sports in 1980. That continued until 1991 when NBC began the actual 90minute show.

My family knows on this day that for that 90 Minutes my time is sacred. SHUT UP and watch the TV. I am glued to every word, moment and tear.

My craziest part is that I do not just watch this show once but continue watching it until I can tell you every word said and every moment. I also have all of them from 2001 on my DVR. I also still watch these. My son will beg me at times to turn them off but I continue to be drawn to watching them. When you do not know what to watch--turn on an Ironman.

Today, I made arrangements for my tri team to have it put on at a sports bar to watch. Even if I am the only one there, I will be a happy clam. But believe me- everyone  there better keep it down and watch the show.

My favorite was 2001 after Septetember 11th. It showed the world of USA spirit and to watch Tm DeBoom win and carryt eh USA flag. Awesome. My second was with Jon Blaise -the Blazeman. I am reminded there are no excuses.

It's 5:30am and I am already awake on my day off. It's Kona day! And what is more exciting is that next year I hace 2 friends who have qualified and will be there!! Even more fun to watch.

Waddling to watch IM Kona today........