Friday, January 19, 2007



Today was a scheduled rest day. After yesterday, I probably don't need it. But I took it anyway. My MIL is flying in from Cleveland tonight to spend some time with us. I love her alot and will be glad to have her here. I've been worried about her being alone for the first time. Her house is on the market and will be up here with us permanently soon in her new home .

My dilemma for the week-end is my long run. I want to do 3 hours. I know most people run by miles by I do all my workouts by time. 3 hours to most runner would be a really long run but as slow as I am I don't cover many miles. It will probably be between 12-13. I hope before the marathon to do 2 long runs of 5 hours apiece. The problem this week-end is that I need to do my long run on Sunday. Last weekend, I managed 2:30 on the treadmill. Sunday the weather in the AM will be 10-15 degrees with snow beginning. I could go by some warmer clothes since winter has a ways to go or head to the gym. I always complained about training for a marathon in the summer but this is making me rethink that.

Waddling while pondering.............

Thursday, January 18, 2007



This was me tonight. Couch potato. I had on the schedule to spin but tonight was Bino's last bowling match and he was on Varsity. I decided I'd just run on the treadmill. After I got home, I ordered pizza for the family and was getting ready to change into my running clothes when BAM! -it happened. No motivation. I just didn't want to do it. My hubby looked at me very suprised. I can give you alot of reason why I didn't do it but none that are valid- no excuse.

What happend next was-the pizza was delivered and I sat down and ate a slice. My diet forgotten about completely. I have been so good the last 17 days. I just cracked.

Then the ultimate--Cinnasticks with Icing. I ate 3. I have gone to the dark side.
Being brought up Catholic, I fine tuned my guilt over the years and it was really kicking in now! Did I run to the treadmill? NO. But I know tomorrow , I will kick myself in the butt and get back on the wagon. The marathon is 15 weeks away. Time to keep it together. Put it behind and go on.

Waddling along guilty.....

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


RUN : 30 min. / TREADMILL / EASY

I had the hump-day slows. Just headed for the basement for a short, easy run. Other than that a very boring and unexciting day.

Waddling along......

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


SPIN : 1:00 // AVE HR= 150

Mare was back at spin tonight so I knew it sould be one hell of a workout. She did not let me down. It was an endurance spin. The goal was to keep your heart rate steady in the upper part of zone 3 (which for me was 145-155). If you saw a drop in your rate- pick it up. If you went close to your AT slow down or drop the resistance.
Calories burned is supposedly higher in this kind of workout. I don't know but whee doggies it was tough. The time went fast because you were so focused on your rate.

The thought of running the Chicago marathon again this year has popped into my mind. I swore I would never run it again but it's the 30th. After hours of searching, I booked a hotel room downtown- things are really filling up and selling out fast.

Waddling to watch American Idol.............

Monday, January 15, 2007



Today began the bottom line challenge at work. There are multiple hospitals and nursing facilities in our Corporation. Every year we have a weight loss competition. You can enter as teams and individuals. There are some rather nice monetary prizes at the end. We have 16 employees in our department and 14 of us are entered. 2 teams of 6 and 2 individuals. I am the captain of PENGUINS WITH POTENTIAL. It is actually alot of fun. You get points for weight loss, blood pressure, fat percentage, exercise time, health quizzes and nutrition tracking. I think we have a great chance because I have alot of potential. First prize for the team is $500 per person with a bonus if we you reweigh at 6 months you are still at the same weight.

I did an easy run on the treadmill at home tonight. I had thoughts of going to Yoga but Hooch had a cheer competition and I needed to wait for her call. I did add 15 minutes of upper body weights.

Waddling into the bottom line challenge..........

Sunday, January 14, 2007


RUN: 2:30 / 4R:1W / TREADMILL

When I got out of bed this morning , I could hear the ice hitting the windows. That made any chance of doing my long run outside-out of the question. By the time I put some vegetable soup on and got all 3 dogs taken care of it was 730am by the time that I got to the gym. The bargaining began. Maybe next week will be better for the 2:30 run. I went through every excuse in the book with a few new ones thrown in. I made it to 90 min. when I switched treadmills. I looked up and saw Iron Snoopy. I felt like I was fading fast but she said I was looking pretty good. Those few words were all the motivation that I needed to finish the run. It did go better than expected. I drank orange Gatorade Endurance and I Gu. I should have added more water to the drink and could have used 1 more Gu. But overall I was fine.

When I got home, I did my weekly weigh-in. This week I lost 4.5 lbs. for a total since Jan. 1 of 7 lbs. I was very happy with that.

The new dog did great and is getting along fine with the other 2. Took some photos--

This is Mickey our new dog. 3 years old and a mix of hound and beagle.

This is Dakota. He is my running buddy. His is a 3 year old Golden.

Last but certainly no least is Jerry. He is a 7 year old Border Collie mix.

It sound like an earthquake downstairs I better go check on the gang. I also see the Bears just went into overtime.

Waddling to watch the Bears...........