Friday, August 29, 2008


I want to shout out and wish 2 friends good luck this weekend at IM Louisville.

Trihardchik will be doing her first IM. Although a veteran of triathlons for years with more than 50 under her belt, this will be her first at this distance. I know how hard she has worked and how much she has overcome. She is #2400.

Mary Sunshine will be challenging Louisville for the second time. Her spirit and love of the sport is an inspiration. She is # 1900.

Waddling and cheering for my friends..............................

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Officially, the Tri season ended for me last weekend in Ohio. Now my focus has turned to my running. I have signed up to run a half on Monday with Snips. She has never run one before and I am so excited for her. Just last weekend , she ran her longest run ever which was 18 miles. I remember the first half marathon and the high of crossing the finish line. Not sure how I'll do but I need to stay running and not listen to the walking voice in my head.

I have still been glued to TV this week. After the Olympics, I thought that I wouldn't be watching as much but I have been drawn in to the Democratic Convention. Not because I belong to the party but because the speeches have been ones that will be remembered for a long time.

Waddling to watch more TV before falling asleep...........

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Today was my last Tri for this season. I went back home to dad's for the weekend to do the sprint at the Great Buckeye Challenge. I have only swam once in the past 3 weeks and biked twice. So there were no expectations for today's race. Dad has never seen me swim and do a Tri.

The other fun thing about the weekend is that for 14 years I lived in Springfield where the race was being held. I had run many mile at the State Park and spent many weekends boating at the reservoir. It was like stepping back in time 20 years.


Dad and I got up at 5am to get there. It was still dark when we arrived and hard to see where to park. As I checked-in, the sun began to come up and I could see the beach and the water was like glass. My nervousness began about the swim. It was my longest @ 1,000. I was praying for it to be wetsuit legal.

I grabbed my stuff and began to set up in the transition. The announcement of water temp was due soon. As I was getting my stuff ready, I saw a camera crew following a teen around while he was getting ready. I found out it was the MTV show MADE. They were helping him to do his first Tri. It was fun to watch. My attention changed to the announcements. The happy dance began"WETSUIT LEGAL TODAY". Things were looking up. My dad set up his lawn chair under a tree and it was time.


I was very calm standing in my wetsuit. Just take my time and there will be no problem. I let everone take off in my wave. I was trying to sight the yellow buoy for the first turn. I saw it and swam toward it to go around. I heard the guards on there boards shouting. Nice of them to cheer me on I thought. Soon I figured out I cut the first corner and swam around the second turn. Oops---does that mean that they weren't cheering for me. I swam so far off course on the back side that I think I actually in the long run swam farther.


I have no clue what I was doing. No focus. No hurry. Stopped to give dad a high 5 on the way up the hill to transition. One of my longest transitions ever.


Beautiful course. It felt like it went fast. I saw the 10 mile marker on the road. I knew it was more than 2.5 miles to the finish. My odometer read 14 miles for the ride. I felt great.


Another walk in the park. No hurry.


The run course was on the path that I used to run on weekly. It was amazing how much I remembered. It was starting to approach the high 80's. I made a deal with myself. No walking and I would reward myself with lunch at Frisch's Big Boy. I felt string across the finsh line and was greeted by my dad's smiling face.

This was one of the best Tri's that I have done as far as the race itself. Many options and distances. It was very well run. The best part was that they had ice cold Diet Moutnain Dew at the finish. A class act.

No idea at all about my times. I didn't really care.

After the race was over and I was cleaned up- I heard "Waddler" OMG -it was Mary Sunshine!!How great to see her! She looks awesome. Good luck next weekend at IM Louisville!

Waddling to spend some more time with Dad.................