Saturday, May 31, 2008

Today began as a bike ride with friends. The goal was to ride to the Happy Spot and back which is 52 miles. Immediately after we started out we all realized on thing--it was wicked windy. It was the swirling kind of winds that come of the open fields. I tried to stay in aero as much as possible. Some shoulder and lower back soreness by the end.

Besides riding 52 miles , there was another goal for this ride. It was to start trying out nutrtion for Steelehead. My breakfast was a bagel with cream chees and a diet Mountain Dew. My aero bottle was full of water and my other bottle was Perpetuem for nutrition. No problems except running out of water. For recovery, I had Recoverite. Seemed like a good combination for starters. It was my longest ride of the season.

Another milestone happened this week. My son, Bino, got his driver's license and car. I can't believe that Mom's taxi service is out of business. It is a relief in a way but frightening how old that Hooch and Bino are.

Along that thought of my kids getting older, my daughter is attending the graduation of alot of her friends from High School. After tonight, Hooch will be a senior. I can't beieve that next year at this time she will be graduating.

Waddling through the weekend..............

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I've decided to declare a truce with my Garmin 305. It seems like last year that every time I used it that I battled with it to get it to work. I hated it. I went back to using my Polar RS200. I loved it for running and the heart rate feature. Then on the bike ,I used my bike computer.

Two weeks ago, I began using my Garmin again. I am absolutely a geek for electronic stuff , data, and graphs. I use Beginner Triathlete to log my training and they have added the feature to upload from Garmin. I have downloaded several workouts and It's great. I just love that kind of stuff.
This week has been good for workouts. Tomorrow I will take a rest day. The weekend holds a 50 mile bike on Saturday and on Sunday a swim followed by a 6 mile run.
Waddling on a chilly evening.............

Monday, May 26, 2008

We all sometimes tend to forget why we have a three day weekend. It is not to celebrate the opening of the pools, BBQ season beginning, or school being over. Many have given their lives so that we are able to have these choices. It is in their honor and memory we have this day. Bless all of them and their families.

This morning my intention was to sleep in. My dogs somehow had other ideas-like needing to go out at the regular time. Since yesterday I have been indecisive on what to do today as far as a workout. An entire day off!!! I could really take advantage of this. My schedule called for a short, easy run. But I am conflicted with the entire day free. Maybe a swim and run or a brick. I finally sat down because I was unable to make my mind up. I will follow my schedule. I am getting to the point of being obsessive planning every free minute. Right now a short, easy run. The rest of the day-----Enjoy my family!

Waddling in memory of all our fallen soldiers.......