Saturday, September 08, 2007


Today's workout was a brick. The first part was easy. A 5.5 mile run on a beautiful morning. The air felt great. The peacefulness was overwhelming.

The second part of the workout is to take Hooch shopping for a homecoming dress. This will certainly require endurance. It will not be peaceful. And will take hours to achieve. I have completed this workout twice before. Nutrition is important . Today's choice is PF Chang's. It will be physically and mentally exhausting. If done correctly, there is a huge satisfaction, bonding, and most importantly- one happy daughter. If not done correctly, it will need to be attempted again tomorrow. Recovery time is extensive.

Waddling to shop........................

Thursday, September 06, 2007


This is what I looked like today going to practice swim#1. "Scuba Steve" Just kidding. I did get a swim cap, goggles, and ear plugs. I just worked on my back float with the flutter kick. No arms involved yet. I went 10 laps but do not know the length of the pool. But neither did my gym so I guess it wasn't a stupid question. My legs were pooped by the time I finished so that was it for the day. I was glad that I did not have any motion sickness again-I want so bad to do this.

Last night I did make it to spin class. It wasn't my favorite Mary but it was a good workout. I haven't figured out any training plan so I'm just winging it one day at a time for now.

WEDS: Spin : 60 min.
THURS : Swim? : 30 min.

Waddling like Scuba Steve...................

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I was constantly watching the clock yesterday at work. I know that I drove everyone nuts with my excitement. Today was my first swim lesson. My first step to a triathlon. Holy Shit!!!!! I said it---Triathlon.

I got off work early. I ran home ,packed a bag, changed . Off I went. I was there 30 minutes early. I sat and watched people swim laps in the pool. They were all so smooth and coordinated. Can I do this ? I almost ran out the door. I am not afraid of the water. I am very uncoordinated.

The clock hit 5pm. I am about ready to pee my suit. The name of my class is Ripples. There are 6 of us in the class. 2 in their 30's, 1 person 40 and 3 of us in our 50's. Good group! The instructor was very nice and said she would make sure that we all went at our own pace. Immediately I was singled out becasue I was the only one smiling and excited. I felt like I was 5 on the first day of kindergarten.

We went through stages.
  1. Head under water bobbing

  2. Breath holding

  3. Front Float

  4. Back float

  5. Back float with flutter kick doing laps.

  6. Side float with flutter kick doing laps.

Nancy and I made it through all 6. I ended up doing about 10 laps with the side and flutter. I can't believe it! I am going back and forth in a pool. I am so excited to practice for next week.

All was good until after my shower. The room was spinning alittle. I made it to my car and started driving home. OMG. I'm motion sick! How can that be. It felt so good. As I am driving , I called home to see if we had any Dramamine at the house. I barely made it home. I grabbed 2 and knocked myself out for the night. I feel great today. I am anxious to get back in the pool and see how I do. Any ideas are appreciated!!

SWIM : 45 MIN.

Waddling and queasy.............

Monday, September 03, 2007


I realized today something very scary about swim lessons tomorrow. I need to wear a swimsuit. I haven't worn one in years. This cat was the last one to see me in one. So shopping I go. When the fall and winter clothes are out there are not many suits to choose from. Besides finding one in my size.
Mission accomplished. One more step toward swimming.

Mountain Bike (trail ) = 5 miles

Waddling in a scary swimsuit..............................

Sunday, September 02, 2007


August Totals :
Bike: 3h 15m - 47 Mi
Run: 8h 32m - 37.19 Mi
Elliptical Training: 20m

After August 12th and the Mideast regional, my training went out the window. My MIL fell and was in the hospital 5 days. Then 1 week of horrible weather and storms. Then no motivation. But a wonderful , inspiring Ironman week-end.

Today , I went to Waterfall Glen for a 10 miler. The weather was perfect. After being off, I felt challenged especially on the hills. I am a bit worried about the half in 2 weeks but I know I'll survive but my time will suck.

As usual , I have to have some training plan or goal in the works to get me out the door. There is one thing for sure-2008 does not have a marathon in the schedule. (maybe 2 halves). I hope to add a new column to September's total--SWIM. My first class is in 2 days and I have to admitt to being very, very, nervous. I am not afriad of the water but I know how miserably I failed at swimming years ago.

Run = 10 miles

Waddling into September.......................