Tuesday, February 17, 2009


There are times that I believe that the drama in my life will never end. I certainly don't. It's like there is this very dark cloud floating over my family.

Yesterday was another example. House had his surgery for the neurostimulator to be put in his spine. The surgery was scheduled to last 3-4 hours. At 4pm, 5 hours had passed and I was beginning to worry. The placement took much longer than expected. We will not know for a week how well it will work. The back pain from the surgery needs to resolve and then the stimulator will be set up for pain control.

During the 5 hours that I was waiting, I called my MIL to check how she was doing at home now that she is on oxygen. She was doing fine but her dog and best friend,Scooter, had a seizure. This had never happened before. He had more seizures as the day went along.

I got House home from the hospital and settled in. As we were falling off to sleep around midnight, the phone rang and Scooter was much worse. I threw on some clothes and drove down to my MIL's house which was about 20 minutes away.

When I walked in the house, I took one look at Scooter and knew it was bad. I told my MIL to go lay down she looked exhausted. I layed with Scooter all night and he passed away at 5am. Words cannot describe all the feelings. There have been alot of tears today.

Sometimes you have got to reach the bottom before you can rise to the top.

Just Waddling...................