Friday, April 10, 2009

I had dinner last night with TriSharkie at Panera. We hadn't had much of a chance to talk in the past several weeks. I love to sit down with her because it always leads to a great discussion. Last night was no different.

The discussion centered on the coming iron distance training. We both were heading for the same race but with 2 totally different training plans. There is no doubt that both of our plans are good. We both have totally bought into our plan of choice. We began looking and comparing schedules to see how much that we could train together.

TriSharkie's plan was from Endurance Nation. It is a very time efficient plan and maximizes the use of every training minute. It focuses on working hard and intervals instead of long ,slow, distance. I understand the plan but do not believe it would be a good fit for me. TriSharkie believes in the plan and I know that is what it takes to have any plan work.

My plan is Be Iron Fit by Don Fink. It is a very conventional and easy to understand for me. It is very basic and for 30 weeks the weekly layout does not chang much. For me, it seems like less chance of injury.

The other discussion was of nutrtion for B2B. I am looking at Perpetuem and Sustained Energy. TriSharkie also added Infinit as an option. I have a feeling we will be talking alot about this also.

Waddling into training..............

Sunday, April 05, 2009


Today began like last Sunday with a 6am test message from Snips. We were heading for our long run on the treadmill. It was pouring cat & dogs and due to change to snow. The temperature was dropping. It was not a day for a 12 miler outside.

We got to the gym both dreading what was ahead of us. Master's swim was just beginning so we stopped for a quick hello and headed to the locker room. We dumped our stuff and developed out strategy as we walked upstairs.

  • The plan was to run for 2.5 hours.
  • Speed would be set to keep our heart rates in zone 2.
  • We would grab the 2 treadmills in the personal training area so we would have a view of the TVs and people with personal trainers.
  • Treadmills close to bathroom.
  • 1 minute of walking every 15 minutes.
  • Heed to drink. Sport beans for fuel.
  • We both came with list of things to talk about.
  • Hot tub time when we were finished.

Amazingly the time flew by. We never stopped talking. We started at 7am and turned the treadmills off at 930am. We gave each other a high five. I was happy how good that I felt. We both had confidence that we were on track for the Indy500 MiniMarathon in 4 weeks.

The hot tub was our next stop and totally relaxed us after the long run. I was so relaxed that after I came home, I fell asleep for 3 hours.

Waddling after surviving the dreadmill...........