Friday, April 25, 2008

It's been a good week. Looking back , I changed a few things just as the weather has changed. Sunday was the first outdoor ride on my tri- bike and 40 mile went great. Wednesday was my first mid-week tempo run. Thursday challenged me with the coach trying to get me to bilateral breathe. I also added at lunchtime- a 30 min stength class 2-3 times per week. So it is time to kick it in gear.

Looking at my countdown, I see Galena is only 3 weeks from tomorrow. My first triathlon. OMG! I have never swam in open water before and it looks like my first time will be that day. I have a million thoughts running through my head. Panic about my ability. Can I really do this?? I am 51- so what makes me believe that now I can learn swim and jump in a lake. My emotions run from extremely positive to scared S***less.

Relax! Breathe!
Waddling to calm down.............

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I am totally obsessed with McDonald's Sweet Tea. It's only $1 for a large. It is also 230 calories. Every time I go passed a McDonald's I end up going thru and getting one. Sunday after the bike ride, my reward was a sweet tea. Thanks to Ronda who indulged with a detour into a McDonalds.

The other thing that I keep thinking about is Nancy's Pizza. I think it's the best in Chicagoland. I don't indulge very often but I do love it.

Tonight after riding on my bike trainer, I weighed myself and I had gained back 5 lbs. of the weight that I had lost over the winter. So tomorrow I return to being more food conscious .

As for my dinner tonight, I had Nancy's Pizza and Sweet Tea. One last fling.

Waddling with a full stomach...............

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Today was the Easter Ride sponsored by Folks on Spokes. The weather was phenomenal. The early fog burned off. The sun came out then the clouds disappeared and it warmed up.

I was picked up by my friend Ronda at 630am and we met with other riders there. The route choices were 28,38,50 or 68. Immediately our group split apart as most went for the 50 or 68. Iron Snoopy, Kim, Ronda and I opted for the 38.

I rode Sugar (trek equinox) today. I had just gotten her back from the spring tune-up. I immediately had a problem with the front gear not shifting then my chain came off. We pulled over and got it fixed then we headed out.

After a winter indoors, I was concerned about my biking. To make the time cutoff at Steelhead, I will have to have an excellent bike leg and gain a time cushion for the run. Today alot of my concerns were put to the side. I felt great. Besides the issue at the beginning, Sugar was ready for 2008.

The was one major "DUH" for the ride. My riding partners were suprised that today for the first time I stood up and climbed a hill on my bike. I was so excited. Someone told me to be a powerful climber you should stay in the saddle to climb. Imagine to my surprise how quickly that I could climb standing. Once I did it, I could not find enough hills.

The day was one of the best riding days ever. It was so good to see everyone and to meet Kim.

Waddling while climbing out of the saddle..........