Saturday, January 16, 2010


As per everyone's New Year ritual, it is necessary yo get on the scales and face the music as to what we have done to our bodies post-holiday. For me it me not pretty at all. Granted it was still 20 lbs. lighter than the beginning of last year but the additional 10 lbs. post Iron were irresponsible. I have metabolic syndrome so it is even more irresponsible.

I am on Day 2 of detox. For everyone this is different. For me it begins with getting sugar out of my system (daily McDonald's Sweet Tea) and cutting back on the diet Dew from 6-7 cans per day to 1-2. Also let's increase the water consumption. Did I mention no more fast food drive thru? Sounds simple but for me it will be a big challenge for the week.

Waddling and wishing for a sweet tea............

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It's been a very busy 2010. I keep grasping for time to write something and get caught up in quick messages on facebook.

I am thrilled that master's swim has begun. Coach is training for IMFL this year and I feel it in th challenge of his workouts. It's actually a bonus. Everyone in our group is awesome and the motivation and support in the pool is overwhelming. Just a note to IronSnoopy- thank for the swim cap when I showed up with my biking shoes.

My first race is the Princess Half Marathon in March and I am trying to build up my long runs on Sundays again. It's been a challenge with our weather. Last Sunday, Snips and I headed out with a temp of 3 degrees to run 8 miles. We achieved 7.5 and called it close enough.

I am excited about 2010 because the focus is fun and meaning to all my races. This year I hope to support others as they supported me in 2009.

Waddling and feeling good.......