Sunday, June 11, 2006


DUATHLON: 2 RUN/ 14.7 BIKE(road) / 4.4 RUN TIME 2:12

It was a cool morning. Check in was at 5:15am. It is about a 35 min drive. I didn't leave the house until 455am. Overslept alittle. I had a bagel, banana, and a diet dew for the ride. This is my first duathlon by myself. So no pressure. The temp outside is51(perfect for me) but not for the tri.

The race started and the first 2 miles on on a paved path that's shaded and by the river. I was in last for the first mile and then I passed 2 people. At the trasition for the first time there were still bikes there because alot of the tri still had to start.

Off on the bike- It was a beautiful ride. Alittle windy at times. A few small rolling hills, farmland but a great bike course. I felt good when I finished.

Off on the 4.4 mile run. As usual my legs felt crappy off the bike. But I watched my pace on my watch and felt comfortable betweent 11-12. After the first mile, my rt knee started having ITB pain. Shit. Only 3 to go and my time is better than I thought. I finished with pain off and on. I was glad to see the finish line. I can say I never did get out of my comfort zone.

Surprise---------------I got first in my age group 45-49(I was the only one in it and the oldest femal in the du.) More details later

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