Tuesday, July 04, 2006

45 on the 4th

BIKE:45 MILE / 3:30 HR
It was a bright sunny morning with a temperature of 75. We met at Plainfield South High for The Joliet Bicycle Club ride. You could go 30,45,0r 62. I had talked to Ronda at spin and sh'll go 45 with me. There were about 12 of at the start. The rabbits took off. Then Mary and Mike. Ronda and I passed Monique and Renee. The raod was smooth andI enjoyed the course except for the wind! It seemed like wherever we turned we went directly into it.
At the 15 mile mark, we met up with some of our group. Monique and Renee turned right for the 30. Ronda and I headed for the 45 . Mary and Mike came behind us. Mary opted for the 62 while we went the 45. We stopped at the rest area at 30 and took on fuel then headed off. The wind still haunted us. At mile 39 I was wearing down quickly and Ronda said her odometer read 6 to go. We rode up a hill and there it was ---the finish. I love her odometer. I felt worn down . The reast of the day I had a lingering headache I think due to lack of sleep and not enough water but nothing was sore. And best of all-- I didn't crash(I almost hit a few other riders ) but it was a positive day.

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