Tuesday, August 29, 2006



I needed to get back on track so I decided (early in the day) that I would do the 6pm spin class which my friend Mary teaches. At 4 pm the excuses began:

  1. I'm catching a cold
  2. I need to clean up around the house
  3. Laundry is piling up
  4. I've still got jet lag
  5. I need to pick my daughter up at 5
  6. Not enough time -too much pressure to get there
  7. What about dinner?
  8. Etc. Etc.

None of the reasons stuck and my kids helped around the house so I could leave. My husband was working late. So-Iwent.

Mary is training for a 3 day endurance race in Utah in October. So the whole class got to ride mountains tonight. After being away from spin for awhile,She about killed me. "Remember pain is weakness leaving the body" I made it-2 people left the class. It was a great work out and I was glad that I went. Mary also is a great motivater and that's just what I needed. We began planning for the spring and both intend to do the Galena triathlon again but want to get more people involved.

I must try not to make as many excuses and if I do not to give in!

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21st Century Mom said...

Oh I love that line about pain - hahahahaha..... Good job on not giving in to the excuse monster.