Sunday, August 27, 2006


I am so glad to be home! I've missed my hubby and kids. It was fun and I had a great time but I have a need to settle back into my routine.

The kids started high school last week. They both love it and their teachers. But ofcourse they found a million things that they needed before Monday. After getting all the school shopping done, groceries and catching up on laundry- I had nothing left to give to a workout. As was our motto in Vegas "It'll be okay"

On the flight home, I spent my trip trying to fine tune a training plan for the Flying Pig. I have completed Chicago twice but I want to break 6 hours this time and not injury my ITB again. My schedule until Oct 1 has a duathlon, half-marathon and a 5k. I have decided not to do the duathalon next weekend because the 10 mile ride involves singletracking. The other 2 races I'll do.

So here is Phase 1 of my plan:

  • Oct 1- Dec 31
  • Go to STRONG class at the gym Mondays and ? Weds.
  • Spin class every Tues. with Mary 1 hour/ also 1 other day a week.
  • Make every attempt to lose 20 pounds
  • Run 6 miles every weekend and a 3 miler during the week.

Phase 2

  • Jan 1 until April 15
  • Maintain weight loss
  • Begin adding to weekend runs until 2-20 milers
  • One day of spin per week
  • one 4-6 mile run at 1 min below marathon pace per week.
  • Still a work in progress

Phase 3

  • Taper until the big day.

Sounds good now--but as with all plans ----flexibility

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