Tuesday, September 12, 2006



I'm not sure if I like yoga. I do know it would be good for me as my flexibility sucks. I'm used to being very busy and not stopping. It was hard to slow down and hold still for an hour in a darkened quiet room with calming music. My mind keep going to things I could be doing at home and should I be doing this rather than running. There was a cardio class next door that looked like they were working alot harder than me. My friend said I was making faces the entire time.
I will continue to go and maybe add a short run to it. This is part of my phase 1 for my marathon.

On another topic- Ironman Wisconsin. I have been following Iron Wil since the spring in her training for the Ironman. It's been quite the journey(one that I'll never attempt). I followed her online on Sunday and when I went to bed I knew she was on the marathon course. I said a prayer for her. In the morning my heart was broken to find out she was unable to complet after 133.4 miles. My heart went out to her. I hope she's okay.


Anonymous said...

I fell off the yoga wagon for several months but this morning did 15 minutes before getting ready for work.
I didn't like it either when I first started but it was so good for my flexability and attitude that I had a regular :45 minutes practice in the morning.
Stick with it and give it a chance, it can do wonders!

21st Century Mom said...

Listen to the master, grasshoppah! You must calm your mind and your spirit will follow. That having been said I don't like Yoga - too hard. I think if I had done it more than once I'd have a better attitude, though. It is supposed to be tremendously helpful so hang in there.

Wil's DNF is sad but let's not forget to celebrate Trisaratops and Pharmie (RX:Ironman) who managed to make it all the way.