Saturday, September 16, 2006


RUN: 13.1 MILES / 2:58:10 / 3:2 RUN WALK

We headed out the door at 6am and found heavy fog. Actually -I was happy to see that it wasn't too sunny and the temp was 56. Perfect for me. So far ,so good. Parking worked out well -right at the finish line so that my dad who is 84 could sit on the back of my Murano. I packed my 2 bottles of water in my fuel belt and 1 pack of clif bloks.
From running the course last year ,I knew the challenges ahead. I started the 3:2 immediately. I hit the first hill after mile 1 and it continues to 2. The photo shows how it was running up into the fog. The water stations were at every mile and each one was run by a different unit in competition with each other. My favorite was the reserves' oasis with the wet sponges and music.

After mile 6 , I lost rack of the miles and the time because I had no specific goal and just wanted to enjoy everyone and the run. I came down the final hill and someone yelled, "Great job you're going to break 3 hours" Holy shit!! The finish was awesome. The last .25 miles was inbetween c114 planes that were on display. There my dad and son were waving at me! I crossed the line at 2:58. There was a general there waiting to put on my medal. Just then a group of fighter jets flew over. I couldn't help but to be overwhelmed by the patriotism.

I have no pig fact today--but I am ready to begin the first phase of my training now for the flying Pig.


21st Century Mom said...

YOU DID IT! You did it and you weren't even trying. So that means that sub 3 is just so 'you'! Congratulations on meeting a goal and having a great time doing it. Nice run!

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic!!!
Sub 3!
And it sounds like you enjoyed yourself too :)

Dori said...

Good job! I hope my half goes as smoothly as yours did. Wow, a general put your medal on you. The fighter jets overhead sounds pretty cool, too.