Sunday, November 12, 2006



I planned to get up this morning to go to the 8am spin class. I got called into to work for an emergency patient. I don't mind at all if it means I can help someone. I made it home at about 9am then got caught up in things around the house. Before I knew it ,the time was 4pm. I threw supper in the oven and hit the treadmill.

Today, running felt like I had never done it before. Legs were heavy and breathing was off. I was just glad to make it 30 min.

Looking back at the week:

  • I went to Ohio unexpectedly but personal issues were stablized.
  • I did run on the days that I could.
  • Looking forward to a better week next week.

Waddling to week#2....


21st Century Mom said...

Some days you're the dog, some days you're the hydrant. I'm sure that all of the upset in your life had everything to do with your bad day.

I just watched the Flying Pig course video and I saw a pic of the medals and ....well.... I'm resisting but it really looks like a great event.

sister smile said...

A couple of my friends did Flying Pig last year and said it was the most fun marathon they've ever done. Make sure you pick up a shirt with a pig and the words WEE! WEE! WEE! on it.

I can sympathize with your family crises. I'm going through the same thing (living all the way across the country, no less) and it's very worrying indeed. Take care of yourself.