Saturday, January 06, 2007



Today was recovery day-not from running but from the dentist. When I got there last night, I showed him the broken tooth and another one that was also cracked. He was able to find 4 more with cracks that were getting ready to give me problems. We discussed option which there weren't many because of the way my teeth are. So He numbed me up and I sat and had 6 teeth pulled. Unfortunately my hubby was out of town and I was on my own. Luckily my 2 teens really helped me out. After I loaded up on Vicodan and ice ,I made it through the night.

Saturday morning ,my plan was to go to the gym then Bino had a bowling tournament. My choice for the day was taking it easy,feeling better and doing a long run tomorrow.

We now have a TIVO. For the first time , I actually sat for awhile and watched it. It ended up to be a very motivational afternoon. Biggest loser finale, ironman Florida, Ironman Wisconsin, then Ironman Hawaii. Talk about pumping the drive up.
I loved it.

Waddling quietly in bed........


Charles said...

The Down side of TIVO is that you never know what movies are out or what new shows are starting ( I haven't watched a commercial since I got mine). Have fun and I hope you feel better!!!

Vickie said...

I hope you are feeling better with the teeth problem going on. Never fun, but probably better to rest than risk more problems later.

Joe said...

I should refrain from the cliche of "Keep Smiling" but I won't :-)

Hope the swelling drops off and hope all of this heads off some future pain!

IronSnoopy said...

I am so sorry to hear about your teeth woes. I hope you are feeling much better.

I think I am the only person on the planet who loves the dentist. When I had my wisdom teeth out, I thought Liquid Valium was The Best Stuff Ever!

Love the TiVo! You know, you have the exact same list I do, so if yours every fritzes out, just come watch ours, haha! IM's and Biggest Loser! Love that stuff!