Tuesday, February 06, 2007


MON. : RUN : 45 min. / treadmill
TUES.: SPIN: 1:00 / Ave HR = 146 /Max HR= 169

Yesterday was a blur. The computer conversion at work hit some problems. After a 9 hour day, I felt like we had sorted out most of the bugs. It left me with a positive feeling and I felt good on the treadmill.

Today went good also treating patients with the new system. The people I work with have really hung together and gotten throught all this, Next week is another week of training on the imaging system and I think that will be all the new stuff for a little while.

Besides having the artic air to deal with today we had about 5 inches of snow. It turned everyone's drive home a nightmare in Chicago. I went to spin class to find only 2 people there instead of the usual crowd of 30-40. The guy behind me told me class was cancelled. I was locked in and just kept spinning. A few minutes later the yoga instructor and another spin instructor came in . They threw a CD in and we had an unofficial, impromtu spin class. It rocked and what a great workout! Just what I needed.

Waddling with droopy eyes..........


Charles said...

I'm glad you found a way to workout in the horrid weather but get some rest. Rest is just as important as training is to getting stronger and healthier :-)

Vickie said...

At least your Y didn't close! Its getting to be a real challenge with this weather, isn't it? You certainly have gotten in some solid workouts though.

sharon said...

Can't say I miss the artic air and snow. Keep thinking.....spring is just around the corner. :)