Tuesday, March 20, 2007


MON : ELLITICAL -30 min.
TUE : SPIN - 60 MIN / AVE HR = 148 / MAX HR 172

Recently at work , we changed our operating system programming. One of the favorite sayings of our trainer was that if you don't do things right you get caught "in the loop". Tonigh in spin we did that LOOP 3 times. It had a huge uphill at the start.(Just what I wanted after Sunday) . It was followed by a downhill into a flat with speed. Then a stairstep uphill sitting and standing. Each loop lasted about 15 min. It was a workout that was so good because I could imagine it translating to an outdoor ride.

My spin instructor also ran the half on Sunday. I felt better when she also said it was a tough course and the hill from 9-10 was an SOB. I was suprised that I wasn't sore just felt like I had a good workout.

Waddling to catch up on laundry.......


Vickie said...

See, you are in better shape than you might have thought, what with all those long slow distance runs. Its amazing how much more fit you can get doing those types of workouts.

Reluctant Penguin said...

Seems like you recovered very quickly from Sunday's race. Lookls like you're ready for the hills of Porkopolis (aka Cincinnati; maybe everyone knows that. Don't know).
Question: Although I don't really need a Garmin just yet, I am curious. What model do you have?

Irene said...

I'm impressed. You're already back at it!

sister smile said...

Let's get this straight: you ran a half and then did a spin class pretty much right after that?

Give yourself a little credit, lady. You're doing amazingly well. How long till the Flying Pig?