Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Tonight I went to spin. Mary , the instructor just completed the Upper Penisula Adventure race and covered 300 miles in 4 days. I thoguht mayber she would take it easy on us. No such luck. We spent almost the entire hour climbing. We had to stay in the saddle also. She can push you to the edge.

On the home front- hubby is home on bed on meds- we go back on Friday . I think we'll be setting a surgery date for his neck. Driver's Ed class #2 is in the books. I had my MIL at work with me today at the hospital for some tests. I only lost her twice while I was working. Hooch is out in her new car but will be increasing her work hours.

Spin: 1:00 : ave HR 148


SkiRough said...

Sounds like an awesome class. I find that spin instructors make so much of a difference.

Joe said...

Whew!! All of it!!!

Keep hanging in there!! Summertime teenagers are a trip!!

Vickie said...

Yeah, that's the problem with all those endurance athletes! The more they do, the harder they push!

Mary Sunshine said...

Hills in spinning class! UGH! No sweet downhill as a reward, neither!

This IS one of those, "whatever doesn't kill you..." things. Good for you!!!

Irene said...

Your instructor sounds pretty amazing! She still kicked that class into gear!

I hope your huband will be okay!

Have a good weekend!