Sunday, August 26, 2007


The early morning was cool with a strong wind blowing. The athletes at the transition pre-race were all intense. I saw Iron Pol and he looked pumped and ready.

The oldest athlete is 88 y.o. Amazing!!!

I was at the finish to watch Chris MacDonald win. He was behind most of the race but hung in there. Walking back to my room I was thinking of those still on the bike and not even running the marathon yet. To think-- this finish line is open 9-10 hours.

The conditions as the day went on got hotter and sunnier. The temperature is over 90.

I am in-between volunteering and taking a break. The marathon course goes past my hotel and i am able to watch and cheer for the athletes. I have seen Mary Sunshine run past looking so strong and smiling.The people that I know are off the bike except for Iron Snoopy and Geek Girl. I keep checking the athlete tracking.

I just walked down and Iron Snoopy just went by with a determination and strength that is unbelievable. I am heading down to the finish to work until midnight. It will be so amazing to watch these athletes. I know how I feel when doing a marthon and cannot imagine doing a bike and run first. I know I will shed a few tears when I hear the words for so many "You are an Ironman!!"

Waddling to the IM finish to be celebrate and cheer......................


Joe said...

so cool....soak it all in!

Irene said...

Love the photo! It sounds like a wonderful event!

Fe-lady said...

I wasn't there...but I bet I can speak for many of the athletes who didn't get a chance..."Thank you" for volunteering! It's a hard job! I think I would rather be racing! :-)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

How awesome for you to volunteer. Looking forward to your 'race report from a volunteer's perspective'