Sunday, September 02, 2007


August Totals :
Bike: 3h 15m - 47 Mi
Run: 8h 32m - 37.19 Mi
Elliptical Training: 20m

After August 12th and the Mideast regional, my training went out the window. My MIL fell and was in the hospital 5 days. Then 1 week of horrible weather and storms. Then no motivation. But a wonderful , inspiring Ironman week-end.

Today , I went to Waterfall Glen for a 10 miler. The weather was perfect. After being off, I felt challenged especially on the hills. I am a bit worried about the half in 2 weeks but I know I'll survive but my time will suck.

As usual , I have to have some training plan or goal in the works to get me out the door. There is one thing for sure-2008 does not have a marathon in the schedule. (maybe 2 halves). I hope to add a new column to September's total--SWIM. My first class is in 2 days and I have to admitt to being very, very, nervous. I am not afriad of the water but I know how miserably I failed at swimming years ago.

Run = 10 miles

Waddling into September.......................


Joe said...

But part of the cool thing is overcoming past failures. Facing the fear, and working through it.

And you'll do it!!! Glad you got throught the 10 yesterday!!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Good job on the 10mile run!!

Duane said...

Karen, penguins are great swimmers and you will be too! Way to go!

GeekGirl said...

It was awful nice meeting you and feeling your encouragement. I wish we'd gotten to spend more time together- perhaps at another race? Good luck on your goals, whatever they are. (May I suggest the Lost Dutchman Marathon in Arizona? Check it out!)

Vickie said...

I think this time you will do it. You seem to want it, so that's always a good motivator. Let us know how you do!

Fe-lady said...

TEN miles! Wow...I haven't seen that number in a LONG time! GOOD JOB! Have a blast swimming...I hope you get a fun instructor!

Dori said...

You can't PR at every race--just have fun. And I'll bet your swim experience will be much different that few years ago. The important thing is that you try!

Good job on your 10 miles!