Monday, September 10, 2007


This weekend was a great mix of things.
First , homecoming dress shopping was a huge success. The 3rd dress we tried on was perfect. Can you believe it?? We found shoes and matching jewelery. All completed in 2 hours. It was amazing.

Sunday was Ironman Wisconsin. I am almost becoming obsessed with watching Iroman events. Ironman Live was on my laptop for the entire 17 hours. After the start of the swim, I grabbed my bike to head out for a ride. After fighting with a flat tire for an hour-I was deflated and bagged it.

Congratulations to all those who completed IMMOO especially Iron Wil.

Sunday evening, I went to the gym for a swim. I hate to say swim yet because I am just on my side kicking. I did 8 laps which is 400 meters. I happened to buy the book Total Immersion Swimming and started to read it. It seems like my swim teacher is following the steps exactly. I am looking forward to class # 2 tomorrow evening. Also since I bought ear plugs and a swim cap, I haven't been dizzy anymore.

Swim : 30 min. / 8 laps

Waddling through Monday..........


Vickie said...

Sounds like your weekend went well! And you are really doing it with the swimming, or whatever you want to call it right now. I call it swimming. You are determined! I better watch out at next year's _____________ race. You are going to whomp on me!

Fe-lady said...

On you side kicking IS swimming! Good for you! Glad you are having fun!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Side kicking counts! You went for a swim!!

Joe said...

Great progress all around. And it sounds like Hooch is happy too!