Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I realized this weekend that part 1 of my base building is over and part 2 is beginning. Sounds strange? I have gotten in to a good routine for my workouts. Now comes the next goal , to step it up with my workouts. Last night during my Team Weight Loss Workout, I realized that I was just getting through the workout. I need to take ownership for my workout and push harder and challenge myself. That would be the only way that I would complete Steelhead.
This morning was Master's Swim Team week#2. I was still far behind everyone else but Coach modified my distances and workouts and I feel that I made alot of improvement. I still have a long way to go but it will be one stroke at a time.
Waddling to watch the Biggest Losre Triathlon....


Irene said...

Your progress is so very impressive. It's that push harder attitude that will get you where you want to be!

Have a wonderful week!

Dan Seifring said...

Great attitude keep up the great work.

IronSnoopy said...

You are doing great! If it makes you feel better, Coach modified everybody's workout, even that Olympicish swimmer chik who showed up.

Work smart now, in the off season, and it pays off big time during race season. :)

You are so inspiring.