Monday, November 26, 2007


Today was back to work after a wonderful , long weekend. I got there early just to have time alone to look over the schedule and get ready for the day. Things looked good on paper. Then it began.

My boss came in and that was fine. Then as others came in problems needed fixed. It continued until lunch. Nothing was simple. Every specialty procedure that we do and some that we are going to do needed to be scheduled. Nothing was simple.

The day went quickly and I felt like I had got alot done. I looked at my cellphone when I got in my car and there 4 voice messages of which 2 were from work. My battery died as soon as I listened to them. It made the drive home peacefully quiet.
After arriving home, it started all over. A phone call to work took care of several things. Hooch was at home with complaints of a bad cold and increasingly painful knee. Bino came in with complaints of a bad day at the bowling alley. My hubby went to his mom's house for dinner so his complaints are coming.

Finally arrived the time for my TEAM workout at the gym. My coach was sick and our substitute was the spin teacher that I disliked. But who am I to complain.
Waddling to a better day tomorrow...............
Monday : Treadmill = 30 min.


Flo said...

At least Monday only comes once a week :)

Dan Seifring said...

You got to love Monday's after a long weekend. Only 4 more days to the weekend.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I had a day kinda like that too. But it's over now!!

Vickie said...

You can't win them all. It helps to be able to cope with the good days and bad.

Joe said...

Hope your Tuesday went better!!