Friday, November 09, 2007


It's been a crazy week. Work is increasingly busy proportional to me trying to increase my training. Something usually suffers when this happens. This week it was my laundry. With hubby and 2 busy teenagers plus me , it piles up fast. But eventually if you need something , you do it yourself is my theory.

I continued my streak of working out through today making it 21 days in a row. Tomorrow will be a day off. My legs are tired and can use a break.

The real reason for my break is that I am going downtown (Chicago) this weekend. My sister-in-law and niece fly in to Midway in the morning and we are heading for the Magnificient Mile for the week-end. My daughter is going down with us also. It should be a good time. I have been really good on my diet but I may take a small break but no go crazy. Cheesecake Factory is on the agenda for dinner.

Waddling to downtown......................


Fe-lady said...

Yum- Cheescake Factory! I have never been to one, but want to go someday!
As for the laundry...everyone should be doing their own. I know I MADE my daughter start doing hers when she was in middle/high school She complained, but at least she learned how!
Let go of other people's laundry! If they want to wear something that is dirty, they will find a way to clean it! It works!

Nina said...

Have fun!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

My family really needs to figure out how to do laundry. How do you train them to do it?!?!

(BTW, Chicago is where my daughter and husband were last weekend visiting family on her birthday. I couldn't go with them because of my son's band competition)

Vickie said...

Have fun! You deserve a break today!

Joe said...

Laundry...I just put this weeks running togs into the washer and came to the computer to check the blogs. Yes, you can teach them how to do it!!!

Enjoy the MM. A world class street!

IronSnoopy said...

21 days?! WOW.

Enjoy your break and I have a fantastic weekend!