Sunday, December 16, 2007


The year 2007 is winding down. We are counting down to Christmas and a New Year. Time seems to be moving quickly to the holidays. But in a way it is moving slowly toward 2008. I feel the holidays will put alot of days off in my training. I am anxious to get at it. You will have to remind me that I said that when I am complaining about it.

I had a good weekend at the gym. Swim and spin was the focus.

Waddling with 9 days until Christmas...............

Friday - 1 hour= spin
Saturday- 1200 m Form drills and endurance = swim
Sunday - 900m ladder = swim & 1 hour spin


Joe said...

Yeah, the holidays can be tough. The weather and the interuptions all conspire at times to make us sedentary.

Recognizing it is half the battle. Do your best to keep it going!! You'll be glad you did!

Pokey said...

Deal - when you complain, I will remind you ;)

Vickie said...

Well do what you can do during this busy time and don't worry too much about missing workouts. Use this time as a break if necessary with the plan to get back on track on Jan. 1!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I think you'll do a fantastic job over the holidays.