Wednesday, December 05, 2007


This sign perfectly describes my life currently.

Tuesday recap- The day started perfect with Master's swim. I got a workout in that totaled almost 1,000m. That wasn't the only first - I did 8 x 50. Coached then pushed me and I did my first 100m without stopping. It doesn't seem like much to many but to me who has never swam before it feels huge.

The day started going downhill fast! The doctor that I am friend and coworker with handed in her resignation. I have worked with her for over 6 years. WOW, I was blown away when I saw her tears.

The plan for the evening was spin class. The weather turned bad with a snow storm. I had to pick up Bino from a bowling match andd then get Hooch to work. Going to the gym did not happen as planned.

I got home and began to tell hubby about my day. He became unresponsive to my questions. He stopped talking I called 911. The squad took him to the ER. They did an EKG which showed changes since 1 year ago. He was admitted.

Today- I spent the day at the hospital. They did a cardiac catheterization and a few other test.So far everything is Ok. More tests are scheduled for Thursday so hopefully he will be home soon.
I'm exhausted now.
Waddling to bed.............


jkhenson said...

My prayers are with you!! Hope today is MUCH better!

Irene said...

Take care, and my prayers are also with you and your husband. I hope he will be OK.

Take care.

21stCenturyMom said...

Sounds like your spin class got tanked for a very good reason. Best wishes for a quick recovery for your husband.

IronSnoopy said...

You'll be clicking off meters and meters of swimming soon.

I hope Mr. Waddler is released today and they've determined the best course of treatment.

Sorry you are having such a bad week. :(

Spandex King said...

Hope everything goes okay. Take care.

Vickie said...

Oh my gosh! I hope he is okay. I will say a prayer for him and your family. Take care!

Fe-lady said...

Hopefully this is the worst day and better are yet to come...thinking of you and Mr. Waddler and hoping for the best! Keep us posted!
Great job on the swimming by the way!

Dan Seifring said...

You are very much in my thoughts. Wish you nothing but the best.