Saturday, May 12, 2007


WED - SPIN : 60 MIN.

SAT. - RUN : 4.63 MILES -1:04= 13:58 AVE PACE
After the PIG , my quads were really sore. Going up and down stairs waaaas challenging. I heard if you get in a tub of ice for about 10 min. that will help. I wasn't that bad. On Wednesday evening ,I went to spin class. I went to the back to ride easy. I was amazed how good my legs felt walking down the stairs to leave. This morning's run felt good also. I want to do more biking than running this week to get ready for Galena.
To all the moms:

Waddling to enjoy the weekend...................


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I can only imagine how challenging stairs might be after a marathon...I've experienced a similar thing after shorter runs...owie!.

Vickie said...

Oh yeah, I am feeling the same way today! Happy mother's day.

jkhenson said...

Galena, Ohio?
Or is there also a Galena, Illinois? :) Congrats on finishing the pig. I have appreciated the posts; they help me to hang onto my goals! I'm shooting for the Oct Columbus marathon. We'll see...