Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good start to the day with swimming. I am disappointed that I never quite complete the workout. I know that I need to get there earlier to get the warm-up done and get going but at 445am-it never seems to happen. The best part was to see Iron Snoopy back after battling the bug.

My goal today was to get a second workout in later. I had a special case at lunch today so I wasn't able to get a strength workout in. I was thinking of riding my trainer but the weather guy is calling for 50 and sun. He was right but forgot to add in the wind. I took Dakota with me and he loved it.

Tomorrow, I am not sure what I will do because on Thursday at swim we are repeating our time trials for 1 x 200 and 3 x 100. I panic when I think about it. I know the distance is not the issue. My swimming and the clock seem like opposites.

Hooch go home from Florida and had a great time. Her team did not do as well as hoped due to one of the girls wearing jewelry. She is already trying to figure out what competitive team to cheer with next year.

Waddling to watch American idol...........


Sunshine said...

Good job again!

IronSnoopy said...

Good luck at time trial tomorrow! You'll do great. :) Savor the moment and reflect on how far you've come in a relatively short amount of time and be excited about your future!