Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Tomorrow morning will be new experience for me as a mom. Hooch, my 17 y.o. daughter, will be getting on a plane for Orlando with her cheerleader friends for 5 days. They are heading for the Nationals. It will be her first big trip without me. Also her first time flying without family. I know she will be 18 this summer but it is like watching her go to school on the first day. One step farther to growing up.

On the training front, today was swim. I had one of those workouts where it felt like I had to concentrate really hard to swim. Unlike running and biking, swimming feels awkward to me. It's not like I can just jump in and go. Coach mapped out the upcoming training. I was excited to hear there will be another session of masters that will take us to the beginning of June. I was not excite to hear the words time trials for next week.

To help relax, I rode on the trainer for awhile tonight.

Waddling to help Hooch pack................


Irene said...

No matter how old they are it's always hard to watch them go.

You've had some amazing training and progress the past few months!

J~Mom said...

Oh man, I am dreading the days when my kids are old enough to do stuff like that!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I've been having a hard time letting go and mine are only 14 and 16....no BIG trips without us yet (just weekend trips with school or church).

THey grow up soooo fast.

rocketpants said...

Good luck with all the training! I am sure it is tough watching your kids grow up, but somehow it just sneaks up with time.

Joe said...

Hope you've heard from Ms. Hooch by now and she's doing well.

Yes, letting go...quite the step. My youngest opted to stay in Wheaton rather than come home this weekend for their Easter break...I guess he liked the snow ya'll are having. And liked being independent.

It's a good step...but not always easy! Good to "ease into it" with trips like this.

21stCenturyMom said...

My little pooks will be landing in Stockholm in about 30 minutes - EUROPE!

And no phone contact. I hope she has the time of her life.