Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Still up doing the last minute tax thing. Just jotting down a few thoughts.

  • I watched the Biggest Loser tonight. The transformations were amazing. I was glad that one of the ladies won. Nothing against the men-they did a great job.
  • I was thrilled with my 5K time. It was cold and windy. I know I did the best and did not hold anything back.
  • After this week - it is time to take a hard look at my training. Galena is 4 weeks away and Steelhead is 15 weeks. My biking is really lacking. I do have a ride this weekend.
  • Good swim this morning. My lane partner was back after being sick.

Waddling to deal with Uncle Sam...............


Anonymous said...

I caught the tail end of the Biggest Loser last night. I, too, was amazed at the transformations!!

J~Mom said...

Hope you got your taxes done in time !

Dan Seifring said...

I liked this season of the biggest loser. And was happy with the winner.

Vickie said...

You had to remind me about Steelhead?? I've been on my bike outside once.

Sunshine said...

The "Loser" before and after pictures always inspire me. I'm at WW goal weight.. but would still like to lose that stubborn 10pounds.
Sounds like sleeping in was the right thing for you. After a windy week, hope you have a good weekend.